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It’s Japanese boys day.

The 5th of May is Children’s day in Japan. I wonder what it is. When you want to know about something you should look up on the Internet. 今日はこどもの日。ミニ鯉のぼりをバックにもうちょっと風がよい感じで吹いてくれたらねぇ。 According to Wiki, Children’s day is a Japanese national holiday and … Continue reading

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We met Barney.

In the park we met Barney. He is 17 years old and still working as a therapy dog. Therapy dog, daddy!! That is what I want to try isn’t it? Barney’s mummy gave me information about the therapy doggie thing so you … Continue reading

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Silkys new bone.

Mummy went to the pet shop to get a pork hide chewy bone for Silky. I knew mummy was going to get a big one so that Silky would use her whole mouth so her baby fangs have to chew it. 生後28週になりますが、まだ上のベイビー牙が2本残ってます。大きな物を噛むには口全体を使う=牙も使う。ということで、マミーは特大の豚皮を買ってきてくれました。 Daddy, … Continue reading

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I’m still waiting for THE wedding invitation.

Mummy took us out around lunch time but I didn’t want to leave the house today because I might have got the invitation for the royal wedding. It had to be today didn’t it?  ロイヤル・ウェディングは明日なのに、まだCOCOに招待状が届かない。「マミー、郵便屋さんが後ろの方にいるよ。散歩中にウチに来るかもしれないから帰ろうよー。」  I saw the … Continue reading

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Cooking with Coco – Pizza

  今日のお散歩は早めに切り上げ。なぜならば・・・   We went to the park as usual but came home a little bit earlier because I decided to make pizza for daddy today.     こんにちは、みなさん!今日はホームメイドピザを作りますよ。     This is my daddy’s recipe for 1 big pizza … Continue reading

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Daddy’s girls

 ご飯をくれるのも、お散歩も、ほとんどマミーがしてくれるけど、ウチら陽気な“ダディーズ ガール”  Silky loves chasing pigeons and squirrels, and she is always seeking them when we are walking. Every time she sees them she aims at them, lowers her body and when the time is right for her she … Continue reading

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