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Garden Veggies Update

Our garden veggies are doing well. Before we started “Coco & Silky veggie farm” we didn’t know how they grow.  Knowing about it is very intriguing, isn’t it, daddy? Did you know that potato flowers are this beautiful? Then, a … Continue reading

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Gardening update

It’s been while since we wrote about our garden project. Woof! Lots of things have been happening and changing, and we are all getting excited, aren’t we, daddy? Let us show you what we’ve got. First of all, this is … Continue reading

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gardening update

We started chitting seed potatoes “Swift” in March (you can read about it here).  In a couple of weeks time the shoots had grown big enough to plant so we let daddy plant them in a grow table with Silky … Continue reading

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Carrot, Tomato, Spring onion, Pea, Potato, Strawberry and Lilly of the valley

The weather is really lovely today so we decided to take care of some of our veggie project. A couple of weeks ago, we sowed seeds and they have been growing really well day by day. However, something isn’t right. … Continue reading

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Harvest time

It’s nearly the end of August.  Our veggies have been growing fruitfully, haven’t they, daddy? After our French beans and strawberries finished we started getting our tomato ladies.  Mummy and daddy tasted them and said they were woofly tasty, tender … Continue reading

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Tomato babies.

Every morning we check our tomato babies if they are getting red and ready but every morning they say “Not yet”. However, this evening, daddy found this! They will be ready soon, won’t they, daddy? Also, look at this! Our only cucumber, Mr Cucumber, is nearly ready.  There … Continue reading

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