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Modelling for daddy’s camera club

We went to the meeting at Ashford Camera Club to do modelling.   When we got there member gentlemen were setting up the studio.  I put my suitcase on the chair, then I went to see everyone to say hello. … Continue reading

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How we learnt our new trick “Chin”

This trick wasn’t difficult to master but at first it was a bit confusing because when I saw mummy’s palm in front of me I thought it meant “Paw”. Then, mummy lured me with a little sweetie and the moment … Continue reading

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What to do on a boring day.

I’m bored…really really bored…bored to death. My paw paw is much better but I am not allowed to go to the muddy park yet.  Mummy takes Silky and me out together but after walking around the pavement we come back … Continue reading

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On the ball again..

I have been a proper girly girl recently.  You know, that season thing.  So I have to be on the lead during our walkies.  Still, we walk about one and a half hours so not bad, seeing these colourful birds and … Continue reading

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Snow & tricks.

It’s been cold, hasn’t it?  We had a bit of snow on Friday. By the time we went out for our lunchtime walkies most of the snow had melted but still it was quite white in the park. Mummy,Silky and … Continue reading

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Trick Thursday

We have been thinking which trick we can learn next.  It is very  important to know exactly what you want to do before starting, isn’t it? I can do “Bow” perfectly now and it is quite cute.  So next trick should be something not … Continue reading

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