Scout and me

I was going to write more about my real sister “Scout”, wasn’t I, daddy?  Why didn’t I write earlier?  Since I wrote about her last time, Christmas, New year, agility, Silky’s operation, licking daddy and so on…I had been distracted by many things.

Anyway, Scout’s mummy told my mummy and daddy a few stories about before mummy and daddy came to see me.  There were a couple of little secrets which I’d kept more than 6 years.  Now mummy and daddy know that I wasn’t the smallest (you can clearly see I was chubbier than Scout),

Cocoの姉妹 Scoutちゃんが見つかって、そのことをもっと詳しく書きたい書きたいと思いつつ、クリスマスやらお正月、アジリティにシルキーの手術などであっという間に日が経ってしまいました。 さて、Scoutちゃんのお母さんからのメールで、私たちの知らなかった事実を知りました。 まず、一番小さいとばかり思っていたCOCOは太かった。向かって左がCoco,右がScoutちゃん。

Cocoの姉妹 Scoutちゃんが見つかって、そのことをもっと詳しく書きたい書きたいと思いつつ、クリスマスやらお正月、アジリティにシルキーの手術などであっという間に日が経ってしまいました。

or I wasn’t bullied at all (I was happily playing with my siblings).



I didn’t make mummy and daddy think that I was the smallest or bullied but they just believed what they imagined.

Their imagination began like this.
There were four puppies but mummy only cuddled me and other boy because Scout and the other boy (from other litter) were already taken.  My breeder mummy told mummy she could cuddle Scout but mummy didn’t because she thought she might like Scout very much and want to have her but she was already taken.



Mummy and daddy only cuddled me and my brother who weren’t taken yet, and mummy and daddy decided to think that I was the smallest simply because I was much smaller than my brother.

first pics 8 (800x600)

Also, mummy and daddy decided to think I was bullied because I had this funny habit; I never ate food from my food bowl but took a few pieces away from the bowl and ate them quietly somewhere else.  Mummy and daddy thought that it was because other puppies didn’t allow me to eat with them saying “Yah, small midge!!”  The thought was too silly to deny so I didn’t bother and let them believe it.

first pics 1 (800x600)

So, when Scout’s mummy told that I was chubby mummy and daddy still didn’t believe it but when they saw these photos, well, they had to.  Woof… bum was very attractive, don’t you think?



By the way, I was mummy’s most favourite when she saw the photos from my breeder mummy.  She didn’t know the puppy in the photos was girl or boy but she fell in love with me.



On the day mummy and daddy came to see me mummy didn’t remember she had liked me in the photo.  She was just over the moon seeing us, cutie puppies.  After long consideration mummy and daddy decided to take me not my brother, and it was after a while mummy realized that I was the one in the photo.

It must be fate, mustn’t it, daddy?

There was another “WOOF” story in the e-mail from Scout’s mummy, which was that I could have become “Scout”.
This is Scout and her sister Casey (Benravia Black Orchid).



There was one couple before Scout’s family, who hadn’t decided which one.  Scout was Scout’s family’s fist choice (they loved her white muzzle) but if this first couple had chosen Scout as theirs then Scout’s family was going to take me because they wanted a girl.  But this first couple chose a boy.  Mummy and daddy didn’t know this.  When mummy found out about this she really thanked our fate.



Could I have been happier somewhere else?  Woof…I don’t know but I like how daddy tastes like very much.  I don’t think I can experience this particular taste of my daddy anywhere else but here.  Mummy’s cuddle is sometimes too much and she can be scary but well…that isn’t that bad, and most importantly I got Silky.  Having Silky is the best thing which has happened to me.
I think I am woofly happy here, daddy.

I love daddy and I am very happy to be here with mummy, daddy and Silky.  However, when mummy was looking at this photo last night, daddy thought this was me…..This is Scout (Renesons Royal Perriwinkle).



How could you say that, daddy.  I know she is as pretty as I am but you should go to Specsavers.

This is me, Coco (Renesons Royal Pumpkin), your precious fur-daughter.



Hmmm…Scout’s pedigree name is posh, isn’t it?  Mine is “Pumpkin”.  Is it because I looked like a pumpkin?


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  1. Gail Waller says:

    You are beautiful Coco. Your brother & sister were also. My Shelby does the same thing you do, she will not eat her food in her food bowl, she puts it on the floor to eat it. I’m so glad your mummy & Daddy chose you. You are all beautiful. I love you & Silky very much!

  2. Hana mama says:


    • cocosheltie says:



  3. ManSteflat says:

    うん、Coco ちゃんはマミーとダディのもとに来る運命だったんですね。
    スカウトちゃん、とっても似てるけど、Scout ちゃんのお顔の方がちょっとだけ長め?

    • cocosheltie says:

      マンディちゃんは実家が近くでしたよね? ステラちゃんやシルキーは姉妹、兄弟に会う機会があってラッキー。Cocoも会えるとうれしいけど、見つかっただけでもかなり感動してます。

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