Cooking with Coco “Coffee and walnut cake”

When I was looking through one of our cooking books I found a recipe of some tasty looking cake.  Woof!!
Why don’t we bake this, Silky?

This tasty looking cake is called “Coffee and walnut cake”.  Hmmm….it sounds lovely, doesn’t it, daddy?

家にあったブリティッシュクッキングという本を見ていたら「コーヒー&くるみケーキ」が。以前どっかのカフェで食べて美味しかったから作ってみよっと。 最近気づいたけど、イギリスのベーキングってスポンジケーキはベーキングパウダー使って粉、バター、砂糖同分量で卵加えて混ぜ混ぜして焼くだけ。パンなんて発酵温度なんて気にしない。結構適当。


Ingredients ;

180 g butter, at room temperature
180 g caster sugar
3 eggs
180 g self-raising flour
60 g walnut pieces
2 teaspoons instant coffee, dissolved 1 tablespoon boiling water
walnut halves and tasty doggie biscuits, to decorate

for icing
2 tablespoons single cream
2 teaspoons instant coffee
90 g butter, at room temperature
180 g icing sugar

You need two 20 cm sandwich tins, greased and base-lined with greaseproof paper.

1. preheat the oven to 180 c.

2. Beat together the butter and sugar in a large bowl until pale and fluffy, then beat in the eggs one at a time.


このケーキも同様で、材料まぜまぜして焼くだけ。卵白泡立てるスポンジと違って簡単。絶対膨らむから安心。誰でもできる~♬ Self-rising flourは小麦粉にベーキングパウダーがすでに混ざったものです。

3. Sift the flour into the butter mixture and fold in, then fold in the nuts and dissolved coffee.

4. Divide among the prepared sandwich tins and spread out evenly (don’t lick anything).

どうやらこちらでは浅めの型を二つ使って焼いて重ねる様ですが、普通のケーキ型しかないので一つ焼いてスライスします。 Coco,なめてる?


Bake for 20 – 25 minutes, or until golden and the sponge spring back when pressed gently with tips of your fingers.



5. Turn the cakes out on to a wire rack, carefully peel off the lining paper and leave to cool completely.

P1010286 (800x634)


6. To make the icing, warm the cream and coffee in a small saucepan, stirring until the coffee has dissolved.

7. Pour into a bowl, add the butter and sift the icing sugar into the mixture.  Beat together until smooth and creamy as well as yummy.

8. To serve, slice a thin slither off the top of one of the cakes to create a flat surface.  Spread with slightly less than half of the icing, then place the second cake on top.  Spread the remaining icing on top and decorate with walnut halves and tasty doggie biscuits.

By the way,

mummy doesn’t have sandwich tins so I baked one sponge and sliced it with my good cutting skill.  Also, there are only two adults and two doggies so I used a small cake tin adjusting the amount of the ingredients and time.

Well, the cake smelled heavenly.  Mummy told us to sit in front of my lovely cake.  Now, it is licking time~~~.




Mummy got this pretty dome to cover so I couldn’t lick.  Dammit!

Of course, I didn’t give up yet.
I thought that if I sat very prettily for mummy to take a photo mummy would give us a bit later.



After our din-dins it is tasting time~~~.

さて、ケーキの味ですが、甘い!美味しかったしカフェのと同じ味だけど、砂糖の量を考えると怖いし、量を知ってるだけにより一層甘く感じたのかも。次回はかなり砂糖控えめにしてみよっと。その方が美味しいかも。 Cocoは一口ほしくて私にべったり。顔がほとんどくっついてて鼻息感じたけど、これはあげるにはちょっと甘すぎるわ。


I sat next to mummy.  My lips were about to touch mummy’s.  I could feel her breathing.  I moved closer…..closer…..and closer…..
However, only I tasted was mummy’s lips.
How is it?  Is it tasty?

Mummy said it was a bit too sweet so she would reduce the amount of sugar next time, but the same taste as the cakes which you have in lovely cafes.
Well, mummy saw the amount of sugar and it makes her think the cake tastes even sweeter, doesn’t it, daddy?  Daddy?  Daddy?  Are you listening, daddy?

Daddy said “Hmmmm!! Tasty!!”


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