It’s Valentine’s day♥

It’s Valentaine’s day today so we decided to do something for daddy.  What does daddy want us to do?  What makes daddy happy?  What does daddy like?

Silky and I had a good think and woof!  We had a few jolly good ideas.

First of all daddy likes our dressing up.  I looked through my wardrobe and found the perfect outfit for the Valentine’s day.  I got ready quickly and sat on the pretty heart petals without being told.  Mummy was amazed.



However, Silky wasn’t in the mood.  She had a bit of an itchy eye moment so couldn’t do her usual pretty face.  Still, I chose one of the photos which we posed together to make a Valentine’s card for daddy.  I doctored the photo and oh my woof…it became as though we’d had some cosmetic surgery and yet you can see Silky sticking her tongue out.  Sigh…..



Well, daddy wouldn’t mind because he loves us a lot.  Let’s think about what we write on the card, shall we?
We thought of words which described daddy.

カードには何を書く?Cocoとシルキーがダディから思いつく言葉はな~に? スパイシー、スティーミー、ジュージュー音たててる、ソースたっぷり…シルキーのってピザの宣伝みたいな。Coco はというとラブリー(フムフム)、美味しい(?)、迷うの得意。 ま、なんでも良いからカードに書きましょう。

カードには何を書く?Cocoとシルキーがダディから思いつく言葉はな~に? スパイシー、スティーミー、ジュージュー音たててる、ソースたっぷり…シルキーのってピザの宣伝みたいな。Coco はというとラブリー(フムフム)、美味しい(?)、迷うの得意。

All Silky thinks sound like some delivery pizza, don’t they?  Mine aren’t too bad because they are all true.

Anyway, we wrote those words on the card and started our next project, which was making daddy’s most favourite yummy chocolate fondant dessert♥

The ingredients are behind Silky,



I was in the middle of procedure,



Now, these lovely looking chocolate yummies are sitting in the fridge expecting to show their gorgeous result.   Do you know what we were making, daddy?

何を作ってるかって? チョコレートフォンダンでーす。この状態でとりあえず冷蔵庫へ。中トロトロ~にちょうど良く焼けるかなぁ。ドキドキ。 で、私とワンコたちはこんないろいろやってるけど、ダディはいったい何してくれるんや?

何を作ってるかって? チョコレートフォンダンでーす。この状態でとりあえず冷蔵庫へ。中トロトロ~にちょうど良く焼けるかなぁ。ドキドキ。

We’ve gone through all these trouble for daddy.  I wonder what daddy will get for us?


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