How we learnt our new trick “Chin”

This trick wasn’t difficult to master but at first it was a bit confusing because when I saw mummy’s palm in front of me I thought it meant “Paw”.

Then, mummy lured me with a little sweetie and the moment my little chin was on mummy’s palm mummy clicked and gave me the little sweetie.  After a few attempt I gradually understood if I put my little chin on mummy’s palm I could get sweeites.

We did this for about 5 minutes, a couple of times a day, for a couple of days.  Now, I do this even without sweeties because when I put my little chin on mummy’s palm mummy tickels my chin, which is woofly heavenly good. So mummy thinks maybe you can do this without sweeties, but I think if you teach with  sweeites and tickling both it would be very encouraging for us.

For the knack for mummies, you should put your palm lower (closer to your doggie’s paw) when you want them to give you paw, and higher (closer to your doggie’s chin) when you want them to give you chin.

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2 Responses to How we learnt our new trick “Chin”

  1. Sherri Petrie says:

    Silky – you are such a smart little girl… you should have a puppy PhD in tricks !!!!! :D

    • cocosheltie says:

      Hello Sherri,

      Coco and I both like training. When mummy says “Training~~~” or “modelling~~~” we woofly excited because if we are good we can get sweeties. Love Coco and Silky

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