It’s girly girl’s day in Japan.

The 3rd of March is girly girl’s day (Hinamatsuri) so mummy put our pretty dolls out.
This is mine,



This is Silky’s,



and this, which is more traditional looking one, is mummy’s.

そしてこれは従妹からもらったお雛様。小さいけれど我が家には3つもあるのでーす。 毎年、お雛様って何書いてたのかなぁって見返してみようと思ったけどない。おかしいなぁ。お人形の写真を載せたと思っていたけれど、気のせい?ダディが消したか?結局見つけたのは2011年。


Well, I want to write about this important girly girl’s day but you can read my old blog to know what this day is all about.  Let’s put the link here, shall I?

I must have written something last year…….let me see….let me see…..
woof?  Oh, I didn’t, daddy.

How about a year before, which is 2012…….?  Let me…….Oh dear…….I didn’t, daddy.
What about a year before that?

Thank woof!! I found one, daddy.  I cannot believe I haven’t written anything about this very important girly girl’s day for 2 years.  Did you delete them, daddy?
Anyway, what I wrote in 2011 is here if you are interested.
By the way, you haven’t got me a read carpet yet, daddy.

If you are just an ordinary blogger your blog would finish here.  However, I am a passionate one so I am going to do a bit of girly girl’s day dressing up.

To start with, Silky tried this warm blue knitwear.



Next one is me in this pretty cream colour dress.  Lots of frilly hearts are to melt your heart♥



Following is Silky trying to look like a cool and pretty Parisiennne.



Finally, the last one is me being very pretty proper girly girl for the girly girl’s day.



After this modelling session we went to the muddy dirty park.  Wooof…you can never guess how muddy Silky and I got.




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4 Responses to It’s girly girl’s day in Japan.

  1. Donna and Shelly says:

    I wish I could get Shelly to wear pretty clothes and dress-up… how does your mummy do it?

    • cocosheltie says:

      Hello Donna,

      Mummy gives us very tasty sweeties and we know what we have to do from our experience. Love Coco and Silky

  2. Sherri Petrie says:

    Oh you two – You are two girly girls after my own heart. I like to get dressed up but I like to get down and dirty with my brothers, Father and husband and go fishing!!!!!!! In fack when I was a kid my brothers and I “stomped in” my Aunts newly seeded lawn and we had to be hosed down outside before we could go in and take a bath bol bol bol My Aunt said that that was the nicest lawn she ever had at any of her houses 🙂 And you girls look just BEAUTIFUL modeling your cloths for all of us to see on fb. I always look forward to seeing your new posts to see what great adventures and wise thoughts you have to share !!!!!!!!!

    • cocosheltie says:

      Hello Sherri,

      I can understand what you wrote. We don’t mind dressing-up, well I quite like it because when I pose for mummy prettily mummy gives me sweeties. Then, after the dressing-up mummy always let us get muddy and it is woofly fun. Also, we always have to have a little puddling as soon as we get home, just like you did? Love Coco and Silky

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