The park with daddy

Daddy took us to the park on Sunday.  Do you notice something different?  It is mummy who normally takes us to the park but it was DADDY!  How marvellous!!

P1020882 (800x600)


On the way, Silky showed him her crossing the little river skill.

P1020858 (800x600)


I don’t do rough thing like jumping in the little river so I posed girlily for mummy’s camera.  The black little doggie is Frankie, by the way.

P1020859 (600x800)


In the big park, Silky played with daddy.

P1020865a (800x600)


She hadn’t played with him for a while so she was woofly hyper passionate.

P1020877 (800x600)


I played with mummy a little bit and I had a relaxing time under the shade because I don’t do very rough play, you see.

P1020869 (800x600)


Silky had already got in the river so we were going home with dry Silky but well…..daddy hadn’t taken us to the park for a while so he got softie.  Silky ran full speed as soon as daddy let her go.  She chased a squirrel and then of course went in the river again.

Like I said earlier, I don’t do the little river.  I was quite happy watching Silky’s skill, but then, daddy picked me up and…….

P1020890 (800x600)


I got wet.

As soon as we got home mummy and daddy took us to our bathroom and we had proper shampoo.  The 9th of July is my birthday so we should be sparkly clean, shouldn’t we?

P1020892 (800x600)


Woof….the massage with warm bubbly water was heavenly but after a while Silky became very small and uncool.

P1020900 (600x800)


As for me, even I became as small as Chihuahua I still had my dignity and Sheltie pride.

P1020901 (800x600)


By the time we had blow-dry Silky regained her dignity and stood up against the brutal hair-drier.

P1020907 (800x600)


Anyway, when everything finished we were refreshed and as clean as a whistle, and

P1020909 (800x600)


of course, we were fluffiest doggie in the park today.





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  1. Donna and Shelly says:

    Nothing like a warm relaxing bath!

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