I’ll headbutt you

The other day, when I was happily wandering in the park, mummy saw two French Bulldogs walking.  Mummy knew I wouldn’t like them so she called me to walk near her.
I don’t like those type of faces, you see.

I was very near to mummy.  I never went towards them but they came very close to me, so I head-butted one of them.  Mummy grabbed my harness and told me off.  Then, I heard the owner man was comforting his French Bulldog saying “That wasn’t nice, was it?”
I hardly touched him but the owner man repeatedly said the same thing and then he said that to mummy.  His attitude was a bit mean so at first mummy didn’t say anything but head-butting wasn’t nice and he said the same thing repeatedly, so mummy admitted it wasn’t nice and apologized but then he said
“That one should be on the lead.”
I never went towards them but they came to me, daddy.
Do I look that vicious?



Yesterday, in the park, I enjoyed playing with the ball as usual.  Mummy throws the small ball with the ball launcher for Silky, and then she kicks the big green ball for me.
It’s FUN!!

photo 3 (600x800)



Then, we chased pigeons and squirrels.
Then, then, I saw a lady who always gives us sweeties without any questions or permissions.
Let’s go, Silky!!

I couldn’t move.  Somehow, I had to follow mummy.
Silky ran towards the sweetie lady but Silky stopped, looked towards mummy and me and then decided to come back to us.
We saw another sweetie man but the same thing again, I couldn’t move and Silky came back because she didn’t want to go on her own.  Awww….Silky is a very sweet baby sister, isn’t she.

photo 1 (600x800)



As a big sister, I should go towards sweetie people.  It’s for Silky, not me.
If I don’t Silky wouldn’t, so I have to, mummy.
Not for me~~~ but for Silky~~~~!
However, I couldn’t.  WHY???

photo4 (598x800)



Because I was on the bloody lead.

Because of that French Bulldog man, mummy decided to put me on the lead when there were many doggies in the park.
A very lovely lady said ” The man is an idiot.  Anyone can see Coco wouldn’t hurt anyone.  Don’t put her one the lead for him”.

Mummy appreciated what the lovely lady said but maybe it is better for me when there were many doggies which I don’t know.  Sometimes I am too scared to walk so I feel safe with mummy.  Besides, I don’t mind being on the lead as long as I can play with the ball and chase pigeons and squirrels.
Only problem is that I cannot go to sweetie people for Silky.



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  1. ManSteflat says:


    • cocosheltie says:



  2. Sherri Petrie says:

    Coco – personally I don’t think you were in the wrong by head butting that Frenchie because he came into your space and you were the good girl and stayed by your Mom !!!!!!!!!!! Besides I think it’s kind of cute. :D

    • cocosheltie says:

      Hello Sherri,
      You are right but I think I head-butt too often so mummy says I have to be on the lead when there are many lively doggies. Love Coco

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