Our precious treasure.

On the 20th of April, when we were spending quiet morning, it finally arrived.  The postie put a little parcel through the letter box.  I jumped high and grabbed it as though I were a pro basketball player.  Then I shook it very wildly.  Of course, mummy told me to STOP IT!!

Mummy looked at the parcel and OH MY WOOFY GOD!
It was from Diane Troese, all the way from America!!!  Yes, we got Diane’s wonderful plaques, this one is what mummy and daddy liked,

IMG_0652 (600x800)

ある静かな朝、郵便が届いて、いつもの様にCocoは飛びついて降りまくってえらい騒ぎ。やめなさーい!って言って小さな包みを手に取ると、それはアメリカのアーティスト Daian Troese さんから。待ちに待った壁飾りが届いたのです。この写真のは私たちが気に入ったもの。


and the other is woofly totally absolutely special for us.  You can understand why, can’t you?

IMG_0651 (600x800)

そして特別なのはこれ! なぜだか分かりますよね? そう、モデルがCocoとシルキーなのです。特別に作って下さったのですぅ。

Yeeees!!  It is because the Shelties on the plaque are Silky and me, no one else!  Can you imagine how how how exciting that is?
A couple of years ago, we heard from Diane saying she’d done a pencil sketch of me dressing up.  Can you even guess how how how much we feel awesome about it?
Then, now we got the plaque here, just in front of us.  Mummy says she would never get bored looking at it.  The plaque is so precious for us.

The design is me wearing the pink fluffy hat and scarf.  It was woofly cold outside so Daddy told me to wrap up warm before going for walkies.  Lots of people liked my costume and I’m really glad I wore them on that cold day.


Now, I don’t have the huge scarf and also I lost a lot of weight so I might look a bit different but still the fluffy hat is alive and well.

IMG_0650 (600x800)


Having this special plaque I thought about my original ambition, the wannabe model.  I have been totally wrapped up in agility activities and I’d forgotten about it.
Naughty me…..

So, I decided to resume my wannabe modelling career, YAY!

I looked in my pink wardrobe.  I haven’t sorted my winter clothes out yet but managed to find a couple of springy outfits, two for me and one for Silky.

The first one is this very elegant lacy dress.  It isn’t colourful but chic, don’t you think?

P1030992 (600x800)


I thought something SPRING for the second one and chose PINK.  I could have worn my pink butterfly wings.  What do you think?

P1030994 (600x800)


For Silky, of course I chose yellow.  The check part makes this outfit look fun and lively, don’t you think?

P1030995 (600x800)

もちろんシルキーも参加。 Cocoとシルキーの壁飾りは玄関から階段にかけての我が家の小さいギャラリーに飾りました。家に入った人の目に必ず留まる特等席に。Cocoとシルキーがダイアンさんに気に入ってもらえて、そのうえ特別に時間を割いて作品を作って下さったと言うのは本当にうれしいことです。永遠に私たちの宝物。ほんとーに可愛くて、ずーっと見てても飽きません。は~、嬉しい~。

The plaques are hanging on the best places in our photo gallery for anyone who enters our house to be able to see.

Thank you, Diane.  The plaque of us is our family treasure forever.  Mummy and daddy are very happy and proud of Silky and me who could attract your eye for beauty.


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  1. ManSteflat says:

    Coco ちゃんもシルキーちゃんも、ますますモデル業に磨きがかかったね〜。かわいすぎる〜。

    • cocosheltie says:


  2. Hana mama says:


    • cocosheltie says:


      ママさんからのプレゼント フェルト版Coco&Silkyやイラスト、すべて家宝です。ワンちゃんを飼うことでこんな家宝が出来るなんて思ってなかったなぁ。

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