Dressing up for dinner.

21st of July is mummy and daddy’s wedding anniversary.  We always did something together except last year because mummy’s daddy died on the day.
I wonder…..Are they going to do something this year?
Are they going out?
Are they having special dinner?
Woof!!   I cannot be just wondering, can I?  We should do something for them, Silky!

Silky and I discussed what we could do.

  • Cooking?  We can cook something special for them.  Hmmm…..It is too hot to wear the apron and the pink net.
  • Gardening?  We can make the garden prettier and water them.  Then, mummy and daddy can enjoy a glass of wine or something under the awning.  Hmmm….It is too sunny to do it.  We don’t want to get suntan.
  • Eating out?  We saw lots of lovely restaurants in Windsor the other day.  Let’s make a reservation.  Hmmm….Silky and I are not allowed in the restaurants, are we?
  • Cleaning?…..Spending special day in a sparking clean house would be lovely.  Hmmm….It is mummy’s job.  Besides, I hate Domestos.

So, we decided to do dressing-up because this is what daddy really likes.  However, just normal dressing-up is nothing special, so we chose the costume and thought about what mummy and daddy could have for their special dinner.

This is Silky in stripy dress which is this summer’s trend, guessing they could have yummy roast chicken with garden peas from the garden.  We haven’t done dressing-up for a while so I had to observe Silky for mummy the cameraman.

P1040398_1 (600x800)

P1040402 (600x800)


This is me in yellow stripy dress, imagining they could have Sushi.  Sushi is Japanese so I was looking for my pink Kimono but mummy put it away somewhere and I couldn’t find it.

P1040393 (600x800)

Silky thought they might want to have fresh seafood somewhere.  Whole lobster would make mummy very happy.  My guiding was so brilliant that Silky’s modelling skill was perfect again.  Nobody told her to rest her face on the octopus.

P1040386 (800x564)

They might want to have some refreshing fruits with our juicy strawberries from the garden.  I wore this pink dress to be a little sweet strawberry.

P1040392 (600x800)

Phew…..what else can we do?

Coco and Silky

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7 Responses to Dressing up for dinner.

  1. What a nice gift for their anniversary! Such chic models you girls are!

    • cocosheltie says:

      Hello Donna and Shelly,
      Dressing-up is daddy’s favourite so daddy was very happy. Love Coco and Silky

  2. Dear sweet Coco; always enchanting!

  3. Silky! Bravo!
    love to you both

  4. ManSteflat says:

    Coco ちゃんとシルキーちゃんのドレスアップが楽しめて、とてもいい日になりましたね〜。

    • cocosheltie says:


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