Harvest time

It’s nearly the end of August.  Our veggies have been growing fruitfully, haven’t they, daddy?
After our French beans and strawberries finished we started getting our tomato ladies.  Mummy and daddy tasted them and said they were woofly tasty, tender and yet crisp.  Mummy also said the feeling you get when you cut them was very different, too.



As for our Mr Cucumber, we’d been cherishing the plant since we first saw a couple of flowers blooming. Woof….you cannot imagine how excited we were when we first saw Mr little cucumber!  He kept growing steadily and strongly, sucking all the nutrition by himself.


そしてキュウリ、一人っ子。メスの花ばっかり?と思ってた矢先にキュウリを付けたオス花を見つけたときの嬉しかったこと!その後、一人で栄養独り占めしてスクスクと育ちました。いつが食べごろ? 聞くと、表面がスムースになってからとのことだったので待ちました。

After a while, he was chubby enough, but we were still waiting for his prickly skin became smoother.



However, one day, daddy decided that he was ready to be harvested.  Mummy gracefully cut the stalk and sliced him.


思い切って収穫。Cocoの後方 台の上に乗ってるのはホウレンソウ。日本のとは全然違いますね。これ、どんどんちぎっちゃって良いそうで、どんどん生えてくるらしいです。


Woof!!  Look at this!!  Mr Cucumber was so fresh that the moisture kept coming out.  Daddy said it was woofly tasty so mummy offered Silky and me a little.
Oh, my woof!  We normally don’t eat cucumber but Mr Cucumber was very tasty and we liked it.



Now, our only cucumber is gone but we still have loooots of tomato ladies and spinach girls,

photo 1


and we also have these tiny tomato babies, Tesco’s Finest “Kent Temptation”.



I wonder, daddy…..it is nearly September.  Do you think they will be mature red tomato ladies?

Coco the chief gardener

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  1. You girls have a green thumb. what a garden!

    • cocosheltie says:

      Hello Donna and Shelly,
      It’s fun to look after the garden and we are not scared of insects and worms but mummy is, so we have to fight for her. Love Coco and Silky

  2. ManSteflat says:


    • cocosheltie says:


      リンゴがたくさん出来るなんて、羨ましい! うちのケイティは生きてるのか死んでるのか?春まで待ってみるけど、なーんか小枝が突っ立ってる感じ。

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