Ordinary day

We went to Laleham park today because our usual big park is busy with lots of doggies nowadays.  Yesterday, mummy took us to the smaller park after walking around the big park.  It was very quiet and we didn’t see anyone.  It was very peaceful, however, daddy thinks that the smaller park is too quiet and if something happens to us there might not be any witnesses.
Ah, it’s me.  Daddy thinks something could happen because of my head-butt.

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So, we enjoyed our lovely time in Laleham park , and then we got a parcel which we should have got yesterday.  We must have been out when the delivery man came but we never got any note about the delivery, however, daddy got a message saying the parcel had been delivered to daddy yesterday.  Mummy went to our neighbour’s house and the lovely lady had it for us.

Speaking of which, we got a note about a delivery the other day.  The note said “We left your parcel at back porch”.
We don’t have a back porch.  We went to neighbour’s houses, looked around the garden as well as the hedges in the front but didn’t see anything.
Later that day, Silky and I had our dinner and mummy let us out for our pee-pee.  Then, we noticed something behind the bench in the garden.  It was the parcel.  It was thrown over the fence and landed behind the bench.  What is “Back porch”?  Besides, it was raining that day!
Mummy always says the delivery service in Japan is amazing.  It’s not the delivery company who decides the delivery time but the person who orders it, and you can get delivery at night amd even during the weekend.

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Anyway, the delivery we got today was the Christmas present for daddy from Silky and me.  However!
How could this happen?  Did we check the detail before we ordered it, Silky?
We cannot show it on this blog because daddy would see it if we did.  It’s just too…..small.  It’s ridiculously tiny.
Oh no, Silky.  We have to do something about it.

After we recovered the shock from the size of the pressie for daddy, Silky and I took mummy to the garage to fill the car with petrol.  Mummy has never been alone when she fills up the car.  So mummy asked daddy to go with her but why not us?

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We arrived the garage and mummy got out of the car.  She took one of the hoses and showed it to me.  I confirmed it was the right one and mummy pressed the button.
When mummy was in Japan people didn’t have to fill the car by themselves.  There were always lots of cheerful staff ready for you and you didn’t have to get out of the car because they did everything for you; clean all the windows and mirrors, emptied the ashtray,  took the money and came back with the change, asked you which direction you were going and even stopped the traffic for you to get out.  Are they still doing all these services?

Anyway, it’s getting dark and soon it’s our din-din time.  It was another ordinary day.

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