Our morning walkies in Windsor park

Mummy took us to Windsor park this morning just because it was very sunny.  We thought it would be quiet but the car park was not that empty.  Lots of people must have come to the park just because it was very sunny, didn’t they, daddy?

Coco was very slow as usual so mummy had to look back for her many times.  It was so sunny and bright that sometimes it was quite difficult for mummy to see if Coco was following us…….ah, there she is!

IMG_8750 (704x800)


We came to the Cow pond.  There were a few duck-duck couples so I aimed at them.  I was ready to disturb them, but at the same time I knew they were in the water and I don’t like jumping in the water on my own, so I decided not to do anything but kept walking.

IMG_8751 (800x598)


Coco was very slow here, too.  She stopped at every single bench.  Benches have various types of scent so she had to study each of them carefully.
She was slow, very very slow taking time to examine each bench thoroughly and it was as though she didn’t care about mummy or me.
When mummy and I crossed the pretty bridge Coco started running not to be left.
She did care about mummy and me but she stopped on the bridge, too, to check what she could see from there.  She always does this when she walks over bridges, by the way.  Coco is very inquisitive, whereas I always run through them.

IMG_8753 (800x571)


We came to a bit bushy area so it was difficult for Coco to catch up, although she didn’t stop to study anything there.  She ran, ran and ran.  Her expression was very serious and her ears were sticking up.
When Coco caught up with us, mummy praised her a lot saying that she was a very brave girl having walked through that bushy area.
It was dead easy for me, daddy.

When we started heading back mummy tried to take a photo of us, but woof?

IMG_8756 (800x598)


Woof!! It’s a squirrel!
We enjoyed squirreling for a while before going home.

IMG_8758 (800x598)


On the way home from Windsor park, mummy stopped somewhere and disappeared leaving us in the car.
Where has she gone?  We’d been hardly left in the car on our own.  If someone kidnap us what could we do?
We tried not to worry and pretended as though we were dead.
Then, mummy came back with a birthday card for our cousin and a little food for our orchids which are growing day by day.  They are starving, aren’t they, daddy?


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  1. Gail Waller says:

    You are both precious. I enjoy reading about your adventures. Love you both.

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