Fun agility

We went to uncle Kevin’s agility place and it was our last agility activity in 2015.
When we arrived, we saw lots of jumps and tunnels in order.
What are we going to do today?  Something difficult?

Well, what we did was all woofly fun.  We did lots of little games; teams and individuals.
The first part was team and I was allowed to join in the hairy team.
Silky was very fast and flying.  She enjoyed everything and she obviously knew it was a game and fun.
I ran with uncle Kevin for the first one and then I ran with mummy for the next one.  I knew it was game just for fun but I was dead serious because I always have to win.  I think I did very well, daddy.

I had been so serious that when mummy tried to take a photo of three of us I was too thirsty to pose for mummy.

IMG_8829 (800x598)


I finally stopped drinking but then Silky looked away, Toffee moved away, I started drinking again……
After a while, mummy could take this pretty photo.  This handsome young boy is uncle Kevin’s youngest Sheltie, Toffee.

IMG_8832 (800x598)


Later part was individual and I was put in the dark crate.
The game was fun.  I wanted to do more!!  I didn’t want to get in the crate so I fought with mummy.  Mummy tried to push me in but I sat down and resisted.  Then, mummy lifted me and put me in the crate so I turned around and pushed my muzzle out to get out before mummy shut the door but mummy pushed my little muzzle.  It was harsh, daddy.
I couldn’t see anything but I could hear everything.  I barked and screamed but nobody rescued me, daddy.

It seems that they did a little gambler thing too, and Silky did it very fast and beautifully.

IMG_8838 (800x598)


One hour past very quickly and we went to Virginia water on the way home as usual.
Now, our fun agility activity in 2015 finished and one thing I should do before Christmas is visiting the home.  After that I will start getting ready for yummy Christmas.


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