I was Santa today.

I visited the residential care home this morning.  Usually, I wear my PAT uniform but today I was a bit different because Christmas is coming soon.

As soon as mummy stopped the car in front of the home I started getting changed.
Woof….it is a bit difficult to put the costume on in this small space.
Ok, I’m ready, mummy.  Let’s get inside!

IMG_8852 (598x800)


Oh my woof, daddy.  I saw everyone’s face light up.  The ladies and the gentlemen were very happy to see me in my special Santa costume.  The carers, the chef and the manager lady were happy, too.  I made everyone smile!

R (600x800)


G (600x800)

K (800x600)

It was absolute privilege to be a Santa, daddy.
Woof…just one thing.

P1040729 (600x800)


The costume needs a new battery, daddy.  It wasn’t as sparkly as it should have been.


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