Silky’s fall

Silky fell off the dog-walk THREE times during her Paddywack class.  She loves dog-walk. She can fly through fast on the dog-walk.  Then, why?

Mummy said that Silky did OK on the whole, but she wasn’t very happy and she didn’t want to weave at all.  Why?
Well, never mind about the weaves because sometimes she is like that.  Something must have made her feel nervous during the class because she did her perfect fast weaves repeatedly after the class.

The worrying thing was the dog-walk, daddy.  Dog-walk, See-saw and A-frame.  They are her three favourite things in agility.

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The first time when she fell, Silky’s classmate’s mummy said that Silky ran too fast, but mummy said that couldn’t be the reason.

Mummy and Silky went back and did the dog-walk again, a little bit slowly just in case and she was fine.

The second time when she fell, Fran the instructor said that the wind was strong and Silky stumbled.
It was windy so mummy understood but still she wasn’t so sure if the wind really did it to Silky, because the wind was not as strong as it could knock over the jumps.
After this fall Fran cuddled Silky until she got her confidence back and Silky enjoyed it very very much, daddy.

Anyway, after her second fall they didn’t use the dog-walk.
Mummy learnt a couple of new things (theories) and she was happy.

After the lesson, mummy said to Fran that she was a bit worried about Silky’s dog-walk, so they went to the dog-walk and tried with the lead.  Mummy held the lead and slowly ran along Silky and Fran was the other side.

Walk, Walk, Walk…..
Suddenly, Silky stumbled and she fell again but Fran and mummy caught her.  Phew…..
Fran held Silky’s lead and finished the dog-walk, and then she told mummy how to hold the lead and they did it again.  Silky did OK.

Fran watched how Silky was on the dog-walk and thought she would be fine.
If she was scared of the dog-walk she wouldn’t want to do it, would she?  She would stop somewhere, wouldn’t she?  So it must have been the wind.  It has to be the wind, doesn’t it, daddy?

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Mummy kept asking what it was to Silky but Silky was very tired and wanted to sleep.
Don’t worry, mummy.  I will ask her later.

By the way, mummy didn’t take me today.  You cannot imagine how cross I was.
Mummy thought that Silky would be comfortable without me, but she wasn’t sure today.
At Rosie’s, Silky was very good when I wasn’t there, but is it really me?  It could be daddy or a set of daddy and me who distracts Silky.

I wonder if mummy takes me with them next week.

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Oh my woof….what happened to Silky?
Normally, she is very noisy at this time of the day but she is still asleep.  Something made her very tired today, daddy.


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