We went to Scrambles agility training show on Sunday.  We had missed a couple of shows so Team “Coco and Daddy” has to keep winning to get the glorious trophy at the end of the season.

Their rival is “Team ladyT with little poodle”.  The team wanted to win last series but daddy and Coco beat them and got the trophy.  Daddy said that it was very woofly lovely to beat the team, didn’t you, daddy?

However, their hope of winning this series is close to nil, because daddy went wrong way, daddy made Coco do wrong weave and daddy lead Coco to be wrong side.  Wrong, wrong, wrong!

Still, Team “Coco and Daddy” got these two colourful third place rosettes.

P1040770 (600x800)


It could be very pretty hair accessory.

P1040772 (600x800)


As for team “Silky and mummy”, it was not good.  Mummy had forgot to give me happy calming tablet and I was very Silky.
So, mummy tried “NFC” for the third run but it was worse than proper runs. I ran away.  I hadn’t done it for a while.  Other three runs were not NFC but I didn’t run away.
The reason I did it was because daddy parked mummy’s little car in wrong place and I could see daddy very well while I was waiting in the queue at that time.  So, as soon as mummy put the lead off me I ran towards daddy.  However, the car door was all closed so I ran around other car but mummy was too chirpy to ignore so I follow back to the ring.
Still, I was very reluctant.  Mummy had a piece of sausage and my precious yellow ball and yet I felt very…..sad.

Mummy says that she really wants to know what makes me that nervous.  I want to tell you, mummy, but I cannot put it in words properly.

P1040761 (800x600)


Anyway, daddy ordered some other happy calming powder for me so I might not care anything next time.


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2 Responses to Scrambles

  1. ManSteflat says:

    Coco ちゃん、ピンクのロゼットがとてもお似合い!
    シルキーちゃん、寒いし地面が濡れてるのがいやだったとか?ステラは少しでも濡れてると、おすわりするのも嫌みたいです(笑 暖かくなってきたら、やる気も出るかな? カーミングパウダー、届きましたか?

    • cocosheltie says:

      カーミングパウダーきました。これ、良いそうで、Poor Social skillにもって書いてるからCocoにもちょっとあげたけど、アジのクラスでクラスメートに牙見せてました。

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