Silky is on the mend

About a week ago, our beautiful and slender Miss Silky started puking in the middle of the night.  It was a little puke and she was fine in the morning.  We never thought she wasn’t well.

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Last Thursday, when she went to Paddywack agility class she was very sad.  She didn’t want to do anything but hide behind the crate where I was locked up.  We all thought that Silky was in a funny Sheltie phase, however, she puked a lot that night.

Friday morning , she did massive poo-poo.  It was so massive that Silky was whimpering something like “Oh dear….” when she was pooing.  Oh poor Silky.
That night, mummy gave her chicken & rice but it must have been a bit too much rice.  Silky was unsettled and she puked the rice before bed.

Then, she looked calmer but she was walking around in the middle of the night and in the morning mummy found Silky’s puke downstairs.  It was quite a lot.  That is why I went to Pachesham agility only with daddy.

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If her condition got worse mummy was going to take her to the vet but fortunately, it didn’t get worse.  Mummy looked up a few information about stomach ache and there were a couple of things which matched Silky’s symptoms.  It seemed that something Silky ate could have upset her stomach liner.  This might not have been the reason but it might have.  Mummy thought it could be one of Japanese sweeties, so she put it in the bin straightaway.

Monday morning, Silky was still a bit quiet but then she looked much happier in the afternoon.  She had a good and long rest after the leisurely walkies, and for the first time in these few days Silky was quiet during the night.  Hooray!!
Still, mummy didn’t want her to run around wildly so we went to Windsor park this morning.  It was woofly windy everywhere but happy Silky didn’t care and she was happy all the time.

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We felt a bit of rain but it became serious when we got in the car.  When we arrived home she had a little chicken & rice lunch and now she is having her lovely napnap, resting her pretty head on mummy’s lap.

She started to have her eye problem at the same time.  Normally, it gets better in a couple of days with some eye drops but it has taken as long as her stomach took this time.  Mummy and daddy were very worried about her because Silky is a strong girly who has an iron tummy.

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Mummy and daddy were very grateful because I was in woofly good condition and shining like the sun while Silky wasn’t well.
I had to be strong for mummy and daddy, didn’t I?

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And yet, mummy left me behind like this.

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4 Responses to Silky is on the mend

  1. Poor Silky! Shelly went through a similar thing. Her poor belly was not well and she threw up and had lots of wet poopies. We did the same feeding her chicken and rice. She rested a lot and now she is better. We have to be careful that she does not get into the knitting yarn though. She likes to eat that.

    • cocosheltie says:

      Hello Donna and Shelly,
      Thank you, Donna and Shelly. Silky is better now. She did not have wet poopoo but she puked a lot and it was very painful to watch.
      Shelties’ stomach is very sensitive so mummy and daddy have to be extra careful. Love Coco

  2. ManSteflat says:

    全然関係ないんですが、実はわたしも日曜日の夜中に、急に気持ち悪くなり、何年かぶりに戻してしまいました。風邪の一種だったのか?すこし熱っぽかったし。いや、だだの飲み過ぎだったのかも?(笑 いまはもう、大丈夫です〜。

    • cocosheltie says:

      で、Kさんは大丈夫ですか? いろいろと忙しいから、疲れとか重なってどどっと来たのかもしれないですね。気を付けてね。

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