I’m hungry.

How are you, Silky?

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I’m very well, thank you. 一か月ほど前、シルキーが夜中にオエオエしだして治まり、そしてまたその一週間後にオエオエ。ウンは普通だったけど心配だから獣医さんへ。そして注射とお薬で徐々に回復。と思ったら、今度はCocoが下痢気味。

About a month ago, Silky started puking during the night.  It got better but started again.  Although her poo-poo was OK something wasn’t right so she had to go to the scary vet.  She had a little bit of temperature but she recovered after some injection and some medication.

While she wasn’t well she had mummy’s lovely chicken & rice for a couple of days and now she is good and having our usual raw food.

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I really wanted to eat mummy’s chicken & rice.  It smelt lovely and it’s homemade.  Maybe that is why I started to have runny poo-poo.

Daddy told mummy to starve me.  What a horrible thing to say.

It was unbearable but I got better quite quickly so mummy started giving me lovely cooked chicken.  Then, mummy decided I could have our usual raw food last night.  It was tasty but after I ate my full dinner I felt a bit funny.  I wanted to be quiet.

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Then, daddy came home so I forgot about it.
Then then, later that night I did jelly poo.  Oh dear…..

I went upstairs to have an early night but when mummy and daddy were about to turn the light out I felt poo coming.  Mummy let me out and it was jelly poo.

I slept after this jelly poo but again at about 5am in the morning I felt poo, and again it was jelly poo.

Daddy told mummy to starve me again, until tomorrow morning.  It is very easy to say, daddy.
When Silky was having her breckie I screamed but mummy didn’t give me anything.

When mummy was having her breckie I stared at her but mummy ignored me.

I pleaded with mummy to give me something to eat but she only said “I’m so sorry, Coco.”
I’m very upset with mummy, actually.  I’m furious.

Mummy says that I have to get better soon and have to be perfect on Monday because I am going to attend the woofly exciting event.  Mummy and daddy are sure I will like it.

But I’m hungry.  Please give me something to eat.

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2 Responses to I’m hungry.

  1. Poor baby. You know, sometimes Shelly has a bad belly and I never thought of her skipping a meal. Maybe that would help her. You get plenty of rest Coco.

    • cocosheltie says:

      Hello Donna and Shelly,
      It’s horrible but it works. I was starved a couple if days ago and today again. It’s all mummy’s fault.
      Love Coco

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