Pets As Therapy at Royal Holloway, University of London

I went to Royal Holloway, University of London today to work as a therapy doggie.
PAT (Pets As Therapy) had been doing this activity at the university for a couple of years but mummy didn’t know about it at all until daddy found out from his friend recently.

The job as the therapy doggie there is to heal the students.
Lots of students live far away from their home and miss their doggies, so stroking us, fussing us and playing with us help them feel better and relaxed.
It sounds so interesting!  Why don’t we try!!
Mummy contacted to the coordinator immediately, and here we were!!

P1040947 (800x621)

CocoはPAT(Pets As Therapy)ドッグとして登録されてて、たまーに老人ホームを訪問してますが、最近、エガムにあるロンドン大学のホロウェイ校でも活動していると小耳にはさみ、さっそくコーディネーターに連絡取って参加させてもらうことにしました。大学敷地内にあるスチューデントユニオンの中にあるホールで緊張の面持ちのCoco.

Mummy and I didn’t know what to do as it was our fist day but students were very friendly, kind and gentle.  Mummy and I both enjoyed it very much.

P1040948 (800x600)


P1040950 (800x600)

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P1040952 (800x600)


When mummy asked some of them if they had been there before they said
“Yes, but the queue to get in was so long that we couldn’t get in.”
What a surprise!!  That many students and people queued to see PAT doggie!  How marvelous!!
It must have been much quieter comparing to the normal day because it was something called “Reading week” before the exam, but still we met a lot of lovely students as well as teachers and stuff.  Lots of people came to see us to feel relaxed and happy.
Mummy asked some of the students if stroking doggies really helped and everyone said it did.  Good!!

This very pretty lady spoke very good Japanese, daddy.  She said her mummy is Japanese and daddy is English.  Just like me.

P1040956 (600x800)


I was a bit told off because of my barking, though.
Sometimes I got bored because it was my first day.  Mummy took my little ball and it was just there and some of the students played with me, and well, I got carried away.

Also, sometimes I didn’t know what to do so I stuck to mummy.  Mummy threw the ball for the students to enjoy some time with me, then I barked to encourage them.

Mummy says I shouldn’t have barked like that really because I was there for them to be relaxed but my barking is not relaxing at all.
But it was mummy who made me bark, daddy.

P1040954 (800x600)


My noisy barking aside, I gradually understood what I should do.  I went to say hello to each person in turn and let them stroke me as well as taking photos of me.  Some students took selfies with me, daddy.
I think I perfectly know how I should behave there, so I will be woofly good next time, daddy.

The session was 2 hours and when it finished I was very tired but happy.  I think lots of students were happy after seeing us, too.

P1040951 (800x600)


By the way, this pretty boy liked me a lot.  He said he would come back to see me next time.

P1040955 (800x600)


Love Coco

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6 Responses to Pets As Therapy at Royal Holloway, University of London

  1. Coco – What you do is very, very important !!!!! When I was in the hospital a while back I was in a great bit of pain and had a lot of anxiety because of the pain. I couldn’t call one of my girls over for a snuggle but the next best thing trotted into my room. I can’t remember his name but he was a big beautiful Golden Retriever (but not as cute as a Sheltie) and after talking to him and petting him I really felt better !!!!! a lot less anxious and the pain was even less !!!!! So I’m glad that you go and visit all the people that you do and always remember that what you do is very, very important. :)

    • cocosheltie says:

      Hello Sherri Petrie,
      I sometimes visit the care home but most people are sleeping and it is quite difficult to deal with. Mummy and I are hoping if we can find some hospital to visit. Maybe one day. Love Coco

  2. I can’t stand how cute you girls are!!!!!! And you are both such busy little doggies and get plenty of exercise and help others and make mummy and daddy so happy!

    • cocosheltie says:

      Hello Donna and Shelly,
      We are busy but it’s much better than not having anything to do. We still get lots of napnap for our beauty. Love Coco and Silky

  3. ManSteflat says:

    わぁ〜、学生さんたちの嬉しそうな顔!心から楽しんでくれてるようですね。この仕事は、ほんと、Cocoちゃんにぴったり。Coco ちゃんもマミーもお疲れ様でした〜。次も楽しみですね。

    • cocosheltie says:


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