We met a little Spring.

Mummy wanted to take us to Windsor park today.
Which part are we going?
Virginia Water?  There will be people and doggies.
Saville garden?   There will be people and doggies, too.
Virginia Water South?  There won’t be any toilet for mummy.

So, we decided to go to The Valley Gardens parking.  We like it because we can have luxurious driving all the way from the gate to the car parking.

We got off the car and discussed which way to go.  It’s still early spring and it was weekday so there were many maintenance vehicles and people.
We chose to walk down towards the valley bit.

IMG_9570 (800x600)

寒いけど良い天気。久し振りにウィンザー公園へ行くことにしたけど、どの駐車場にしようかなぁ。人と犬が多い所は嫌だし~、トイレがないとこは困っちゃうし~ということで、Valley Gardenの駐車場へ。ここはゲートを入ってから駐車場まで公園内を車で走れるのが気持ち良いのです。

The daffodils were growing.  The place will be woofly gorgeous and pretty when they are fully blooming.  We often come here during the daffodils time to take photos, don’t we, daddy?

IMG_9573 (800x600)


We hardly saw anyone.  Occasionally, we passed joggers and walkers but that was it.  It was very peaceful and quiet.
Coco’s anti-social headbutting is getting a bit worse so when we don’t see any doggies mummy and I can feel relaxed.

IMG_9580 (600x800)


We crossed the little bridge and walked down towards my favourite lake.  I was going to  run towards my favourite beach but mummy said “We are walking that way today!”.

IMG_9582 (600x800)


We posed here and there as usual.

IMG_9587 (800x600)

晴れてて静かで景色がキレイで・・・はぁ~とても良い気持ち。 湖をバックにポーズ。

We saw horsey people.  They were gathering for a while and all of the sudden they started running up the hill.  Maybe riding lesson?  The noise and the sand cloud were cool.

IMG_9606 (600x800)


When we came back towards Smiths lawn the sign said “No Access” so we  took a bit of scenic route which was full of manure smell.  It was quite suffocating.

Finally, we were freed from the manure smell and we walked through this beautiful Heather garden.  They are getting ready, daddy.  We take photos here every year, don’t we, daddy?

IMG_9609 (800x600)


We walked about one hour and came back to the parking.  Mummy usually put us in the car when she goes to the little toilet but because nobody was there mummy took us in the toilet.  It was small.  It was dark.  Nobody was there.
I was a bit scared.  Then, suddenly, Coco started barking at the toilet bowl furiously when mummy flushed just like she does at home.
Just as well nobody was there in the toilet.

IMG_9610 (600x800)

駐車場に戻って、帰る前にトイレへ。いつもは車にワンコを乗せて走ってトイレに行くのだけど、誰も居ないし、一緒にトイレへ。Cocoもシルキーもちょっとビビった感じ。そうよね、そうよね、薄暗いし狭いしね。でもCocoは私がトイレを流したとたんにスゴイ勢いで吠えだした!そう、彼女、家でトイレを流すと吠えるんです。いや~、私たち以外に誰もいなくて良かった~。 と、少し春を感じることが出来て楽しいリラックスできるお散歩でした。

Hmmmm….It was very relaxing walkies and we saw a little bit of spring today.


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  1. ManSteflat says:

    いいですね〜、ウィンザー。それにしても、Coco ちゃんもシルキーちゃんも、写真の撮り甲斐があるわ〜。ビューティフルなだけじゃなくて、ポーズもしっかり取ってくれて!わたしもワンコ連れでウィンザーに行きたいです。ぽかぽかの春になってきたら、誘ってくださ〜い。

    • cocosheltie says:



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