Carrot, Tomato, Spring onion, Pea, Potato, Strawberry and Lilly of the valley

The weather is really lovely today so we decided to take care of some of our veggie project.
A couple of weeks ago, we sowed seeds and they have been growing really well day by day. However, something isn’t right.  As you can see, we sowed little seeds of Carrot, Tomato, Spring onion and Pea.

IMG_9824 (800x600)


Why is only ONE pea growing while others are growing a lot?  We asked him but he was just shining without words.

IMG_9823 (600x800)


Well, never mind, Silky.  According to the Free magazine from Squires garden centre you can sow peas until June.

IMG_9843 (800x600)


We took care of the potatoes after wondering about our peas.  A couple of weeks ago we got seed potatoes; daddy’s choice “Swift” and mummy’s “Charlotte”.  According to the guide we saw at the garden centre “Chitting” is the first thing you should do.  Can you read No.2 in the photo? Anyway, daddy’s “Swift” needs to be planted March onwards so we put them in the egg box as instructed.  It will be ready soon, then we can plant them outside.

IMG_9458 (598x800)


IMG_9840 (800x600)


Other thing we did today is Lilly of the valley.  Mummy likes this flower since she was a little girly.  She saw a box of bulbs at Tesco’s and couldn’t stop herself from buying one.  When we opened it the 8 bulbs were stuck well together and it was quite difficult to separate them.  We are not sure if they grow but we will see.

IMG_9839 (600x800)


Now, daddy.  Mummy has to mow the grass, so you have to look at the wheels of mummy’s new machine.

IMG_9841 (800x600)


By the way, the grow table behind me is for a few strawberry plants, if you are wondering. Woof…Silky and I are getting excited.  We are going to be busy soon, won’t we, daddy?

Lots of fruit and veggies to eat♥

Coco and Silky

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