Modelling for daddy’s camera club

We went to the meeting at Ashford Camera Club to do modelling.   When we got there member gentlemen were setting up the studio.  I put my suitcase on the chair, then I went to see everyone to say hello. Shy Silky was quite brave and happy.  She wondered around with me and even wanted to have one or two play-fights.

IMG_9908 (800x600)


Now, photo session started.
Silky and I posed on the table and we were surrounded by the cameras.
Click!  Click,click!!

The light was bright and everyone was watching us from every directions.

IMG_9911 (800x600)


These are some photos which daddy took.

DSCF6556 (800x533)


We posed as Easter bunnies, too.

DSCF6650 (800x533)


We did really really well.  Everyone was amazed, even mummy and daddy were, because generally we posed a lot for mummy and daddy but it takes only a couple of minutes.  However, at this photo session, we posed really wooly long time, nearly 2 hours.  Sometimes we couldn’t see mummy or daddy but we didn’t stop posing for the cameras.

DSCF6631 (800x533)


Mummy and daddy told us to sit but we even posed our own way, too,; Silky standing and me lying down.

DSCF6562 (800x533)

お座りって言っても、立ってみたり、寝そべって見たり。これは独自にポーズを撮ってるのか? モデル終了後は芸を披露。シルキーの小さいタッパーに入る芸と、Cocoのスーツケースに入る芸。どうぞご覧ください。

After the photo shooting, we entertained the member ladies and gentlemen with our tricks.  Mine was “Getting in the suitcase” and Silky’s was “Getting in the smaller containers”.  Everyone enjoyed our tricks.

The video below is our container trick.  Silky can get in the really small round container.

And my newest version of “Getting in the red suitcase”.

Silky started practicing this trick, too.

P1050056 (800x600)


By the way, some of you might be wondering if we had done nudity.

DSCF6702 (533x800)


Well…..we didn’t.


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4 Responses to Modelling for daddy’s camera club

  1. milehigirl says:

    Oh Coco intellect and beauty what more could your puppy parents ask for I feel honored to know you even if it is from across the “pond”. I would love to one day meet you. I feel like I know you and your sister Silky just from the posts I’ve read and the short movies I’ve watched.
    Have a glorious day Sherri

    • cocosheltie says:

      Hello Sherrie,
      We feel we know you, too because you often write lovely comments for us. Thank you. Love Coco and Silky

  2. micheline says:

    Coco you are so smart and beautiful. I adore your little stories. I also love Silky.

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