I’m not friendly

Silky was going to her agility class so mummy took me to the small park this morning.  We were going to have lovely quiet walkies before rain, however, the bastards happened.

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Just because I am a little ball of fluff doggies tend to come to me.
I don’t like it.  Older I get, more I hate those strange doggies.  I show my teeth but generally they don’t get idea so I headbutt.  The time between showing my teeth and headbutting is getting shorter and shorter so mummy and daddy put lead on me as soon as they see doggies which we don’t know.

Today, by the little river, we saw a Spaniel boy.  We knew him so I was fine.  He doesn’t care about me.  Then, we saw three doggies coming.  Mummy put the lead on me but I didn’t want to walk ahead because they were running around and I felt nervous.  They were quick so mummy decided to stand aside to let them pass.

The big doggie came, sniffed me and soon it left.
One of the little doggie came and she didn’t leave me alone.  Mummy pulled me because I could headbutt the doggie any moment.

Then, the owner called the doggie, which was good, but then she stared at mummy and said “She won’t hurt, you know”.
The way she said it was not kind at all.  It was nothing but bitter, nasty and rude, just like her appearance.
We sort of felt the doggie wouldn’t hurt me because she was a pretty one with a girly face.  Mummy put the lead on me and tried to avoid the doggie for the doggie.
Dogs are on the lead for reasons, for god sake!!

Mummy said
“I’m sorry, but mine doesn’t  like other dogs. She might snap at yours.  That is why I put the lead on.”
However, the rude basterds walked off (the ugly bastards is on the right).

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Mummy wanted to grab her coat to make her understand but you shouldn’t do that, should you.  So, mummy had to suppress her anger.  Mummy must have been so frustrated because I could feel mummy’s rage.   Mummy followed them, though, because if the bastards said something more mummy was ready to fight.

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Later, at the agility class, mummy mentioned about the incident.
One lady said that she always puts the lead on her doggie and says “It’s not your dog, it’s mine.”
However, our instructor lady said that you shouldn’t have to explain yourself when your dog is on the lead and controlled.  People shouldn’t let their dogs go to the dogs on the lead.  Hooray!!

By the way, Silky was quite happy at her agility class today, so mummy’s anger was gone.

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Silky is mummy’s therapy doggie.


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