A bit scary experience

We went to Shepperton for our walkies.  Sometimes you want to go somewhere different to feel something different, don’t you?  Yes, we had quite a different experience today.

We parked the car along the river and played with the ball.  Then, we realized there were woolfy lots of daffodils blooming.  PRETTY!!!

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We took photos here and there, then decided to walk towards Chertsey along the river.  We walked along a small road so we were on the lead, by the way.
When we came to a fork; a path towards Chertsey mead and a little road towards a bit busier road, we saw a small caravan just in front of the path.

Then, we heard lots and lots and lots of doggies barking inside the caravan, and we saw quite a few doggies’ scary faces through the window.  We hurried to get past the caravan.  Someone was shouting in the caravan.

Scary!  Scary!! Scary!!!

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The moment we passed the caravan we heard someone was really shouting and noticed two of the doggies ran towards us.
OH MY WOOF!!  How could the doggies opened the door???
One was big black dog and the other was small Terrier, maybe Silky’s size.  The black one went to Coco so mummy quickly picked Coco up because when Coco is scared she head-butts.

A woman came out of the caravan saying “They wouldn’t hurt, darling”.

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怖い、怖い。さっさと通り過ぎようと思いながら小走りしてると、人の怒鳴り声も。その瞬間、ドアがあいて犬が二匹飛び出してこっちに走ってくるではないですか。しぇー! 飼い主の女性が慌てて出てきたけど、捕まえられない。Cocoは頭突きするので抱き上げ、すると二匹がシルキーに。川がすぐそこだし車道はあるしでリード離せないし、何とかしてください!って言ったけど、飼い主はオタオタ。

She tried to get her dogs but she couldn’t.  Dogs were moving around us.  She shouted at the dogs but they didn’t listen to her.
The dogs couldn’t reach Coco so they came to me.  I was on the lead so I couldn’t run away, so I jumped over a dog, then the lead was tangled.  Mummy didn’t let me go because the river was just there and car could come, and yes, a car drove past.

IMG_0032 (800x600)

すると二匹は突然車道に向かって走り出し、ホッとしたのもつかの間、また戻ってきた。飼い主、キャラバン内に戻って出てこない。何してんねん!と思ったらリード持って出てきて一匹確保。もう一匹がなかなかだったけど、ようやく確保。あー、怖かった。この前なんて、ウィンザーで、ガウガウ唸る犬がリードに繋がれてやってきた。念の為にCocoをリードに繋いだら、なぜかその飼い主、自分のガウガウ犬のリードを離し自由に。ガウガウ犬はCocoに突進してそりゃ凄かったんです。Cocoは怖くて頭突きも出来なかったぐらい。リードに繋いでたガウガウ犬を、他の犬が来たから離して自由に。なぜ? ワケの分からない人が結構います。

Suddenly, those two dogs ran towards the little road which leads to a busier road.  A shouting woman got in the caravan and didn’t come out.  She kept shouting inside.  Other dogs were barking inside, too.
What is she doing?
Then, dogs come back and ran toward us again.  Mummy called the woman telling her to do something.

She went in the caravan to get the leads and got a black dog but she couldn’t get a smaller one.  We wanted to walk away but the smaller dog was following around us.  The woman got in the caravan to put black one in so we sort of had to wait until she came back.

We waited a little, then the woman came out and tried to get the dog but still it was difficult.  Finally, she got the dog so we hurriedly left there.

IMG_0033 (800x600)

Woof…it was scary because we thought all the doggies in the caravan could come out and ran towards us.
They might have been friendly but when you see dogs ran towards you, it is scary, isn’t it?

By the way, we saw a funny woman in Windsor park the other day, didn’t we, daddy?
Her dog was on the lead and he was growling at us.  He sounded very unfriendly.  Mummy put Coco on the lead just in case, then the woman let her unfriendly dog go.  WHY???
He dashed towards Coco with scary growling. He tried to get Coco and Coco was too scared to head-butt.  The owner kept calling his name and tried to get him but the dog was too quick for her.
OH Dear!  Dear!! Dear!!

He was on the lead and growling at us.  The owner saw us and why did she let him go?
There are strange people.


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