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We started chitting seed potatoes “Swift” in March (you can read about it here).  In a couple of weeks time the shoots had grown big enough to plant so we let daddy plant them in a grow table with Silky the supervisor.  Daddy was honored.

IMG_9938 (600x800)


About a week later, tiny little green things appeared.  They keep growing day by day.  We checked almost every day to see if they were comfortable enough.

The other grow table with green net is where we are growing strawberries using the plant from last year, by the way.

IMG_9939 (800x600)


And then it was time to plant our “Charlotte” which we had been chitting for a couple of weeks.  We allowed daddy to plant them again and he was ecstatic.

IMG_0108 (800x600)


We even let daddy water them.  Daddy was serious not to disappoint us.

IMG_0115 (800x600)


Other thing we did in the garden is planting this little tree in the ground.  We’d planted a couple of lovely beautiful plants there but nobody was happy there.
That area is messy dampy mossy area so the plant has to be tough.  Then, we decided to try this little tree.  He is little but about my age.  He was in a little pot all his life and until we moved to this house he was sort of left alone, and yet he was always well. He must be very tough and now it’s time for him to go BIG!!  Well, just a little bit

IMG_0029 (800x600)


Mummy mowed the garden, scattered the grass seeds in the messy dampy mossy area and put the nets on because annoying pigeons will eat all the seeds.

IMG_0118 (800x600)


Well, what’s next?
We have lovely herbs, pea babies, and more strawberry babies.  Soon, we are going to start tomato babies, green bean babies and so on, and also we’ll keep trying hard to get rid of pigeons and magpies when they come to eat little birdie’s food.

Woof…we are going to be busy and soon we will be busy eating all our harvest.
Next garden update will be soon.

Coco and Silky

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