Wing mirror

When we were going to go to bed just before the midnight someone knocked the door.  Silky and I barked and ran downstairs to attack this….this….
Whoever it was, it could be someone dangerous knocking someone’s door that late.

It was police officers.  Still, Silky didn’t stop barking.  She even went outside and kept barking at them.  It was as though she was asking them if she could join the police force, wasn’t it, daddy?
Daddy told us to shut up and get in the kitchen, which Silky did, but I was so worried that I went upstairs to get mummy, but mummy just headed downstairs without noticing me.  I hid on the stair quietly and tried to listen what it was all about.

One of the police officers said that someone damaged mummy’s car, and one of our poor neighbour’s cars got a smashed windscreen.  Mummy, daddy and police officers were outside for a while and came back.  This time we didn’t bark because we knew something was woofly wrong.
The young police officers said they would try to catch them and left.

Look!  This is what they did to mummy’s car.  What sort of scumbag would do this!

IMG_0105 (800x600)

At first, mummy and daddy were going to take the car somewhere to fix it but mummy asked daddy if he couldn’t do it by himself because he had attached “Washlet” for Japanese nanny’s toilet a few years ago.
Daddy started looking up how to do it on line.  Of course, Silky and I helped daddy because THREE heads are better than one.

IMG_0107 (600x800)

Daddy took the old broken door mirror and ordered a new one.

12961463_1055768774481916_8149263149368324836_n (800x600)

It was delivered very quickly and daddy started working on it after work and ta-da!!!
Daddy did it!

IMG_0147 (800x600)

Only teeny little thing is this gap by the door.

IMG_0171 (600x800)

It seems that when you take the door panel off the door you tend to break door clip.  You have to do this very gently and it is the kind of difficult part of this procedure.  We heard this from Silky’s playmate’s daddy who had done this kind of vandalism when he was a teenager and he can understand those bastards.

We don’t know if it is about the clip or not but daddy know’s someone who can fix this so everything will be fine and there is no problem for mummy to drive anyway.

By the way, we got a letter from the police.
Hmmm…what does this mean?IMG_0180 (600x800)

I think this means that they are not really looking for those bastards.

IMG_0179 (800x600)

Silky would do a very good job to catch those nasty lowlife scumbags if they allow her to join the force.


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    Coco You would make a very good detective !!!!!!!!!
    I’m just glad no one in your family was hurt !!!!!!!

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