Our holiday in Dorset – Lyme Regis and Charmouth

Next morning, we got up early to start our deadly serious sightseeing.
First, we went to Lyme Regis.

DSCF7959 (800x533)

翌日は朝からLyne Regisへ。港町で、レストランやカフェがたくさん。美味しい匂いがアチコチから~。

We got out of the car and had a little walk and then we saw THE SEA!!!

DSCF7939 (800x533)

Of course, Silky got mad.

IMG_0263 (800x600)


We strolled along the seaside.  There were lots of restaurants and cafes, and everyone was enjoying seafood as well as burgers.  The air was filled with the lovely yummy aroma.

Then, we came to the harbour.

DSCF7964 (800x533)


Fisherman were working and woof…full of fishy smell.
We enjoyed walking along the Victoria pier, absorbing its history,  and then we had lovely seafood lunch-lunch at a restaurant.

DSCF7946 (800x533)


Before heading our next destination we wondered around the little town.
Look at this charming old building,

DSCF7971 (800x533)

美味しいシーフードのランチの後、小さい町を少し散策。 何だかとても古くて可愛い建物が。オフィスに使われてる様でした。

Woof!  very coulourful house,

DSCF7975 (800x533)


Hmmm…..B&B.  I wouldn’t want to stay here, daddy.

DSCF7972 (800x533)


Now, we headed towards Charmouth for fossil hunting.

DSCF8019 (800x533)


I wasn’t expecting we would be able to find real fossil but look!  People were seriously digging and hammering!

DSCF7978 (800x533)


Daddy kept walking ahead and ahead so Silky and I followed him, whereas mummy and Nana got serious about hunting.  Nana who’d had her hip operation about 18 months ago suddenly took her walking stick out of her bag and started climbing.

IMG_0270 (600x800)


Daddy, Silky and I went woofly far from where mummy and Nana were but daddy kept walking and Silky followed daddy.
Awww…….Silky looks very elegant and beautiful, don’t you think?

DSCF8004 (533x800)


I got worried and I had to do my job as a herding doggie so I decided to walk back all the way to mummy and Nana.  It was woofly long distance.  There were lots of people and doggies everywhere but I didn’t stop.  I kept walking bravely and steadily and finally reached mummy and Nana who were immersed in fossil hunting.
Of course, mummy praised me a lot for my bravery and cuddled me.

IMG_0273 (800x600)


We bought a couple of proper fossil ornament but mummy and Nana also got quite a few stone which looked like something.

We enjoyed the day woofly much.  Dorset is fun!!
Where are we going tomorrow, daddy?

IMG_0244 (800x600)


Love Coco and Silky

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