Our holiday in Dorset – Dorchester, Weymouth and Isle of Portland

The third day we went to the town of Dorchester.  It was a pretty town and we enjoyed wandering around,

DSCF8066 (800x533)


and we enjoyed our lunch-lunch at this Jesters Cafe.

Jesters Cafe (600x800)


IMG_0283 (800x600)

翌日はウェイマスへノースフォート 要塞跡見学へ。1872年にポートランド港防衛のために建設され、第二次世界大戦でも重要な役割を果たしたそうです。

The fourth day, we went to Weymouth to visit Northe Fort (if you click here you can know everything about Northe Fort).

After we got out of the car we walked towards the fort, looking around this pretty seaside town.
The weather was lovely and we were happy.

DSCF8082 (800x533)


DSCF8085 (533x800)

The fort was doggie welcome and of course, we were welcomed at their cafe, too.

DSCF8091 (533x800)


After we enjoyed our lunch-lunch we looked around everywhere in the fort.  Woof…it was massive, wasn’t it, daddy?  Silky and I learnt a lot.

DSCF8112 (533x800)


When we left the fort it started raining…..then it got heavier and heavier and in the end it started sleeting.

IMG_0557 (598x800)


We were wet and cold but our adventure didn’t finish yet.  The next place to visit was Isle of Portland.  We drove along Chesil Beach

DSCF8131 (800x533)

しかしまだまだ観光は終わりません。次はこのチェシルビーチを通ってIsle of Portlandの灯台を見に。

and here we are!!

DSCF8142 (800x533)

It was deadly freezing there.  It was horribly windy there.  However, nothing stopped daddy.  He kept taking photos.

DSCF8145 (800x533)


DSCF8155 (800x533)

Be careful, daddy~~~~~!!!!

IMG_0295 (800x600)


It was horrendously cold so Nana sheltered herself in the toilet building but we posed for daddy.
I was desperately holding onto the rock because the wind was so strong that I was about to be blown away, but mummy and daddy were laughing, saying that I looked like some other creature.

DSCF8150 (800x533)


After we left here the weather started recovering and when we got near our lovely cottage the sky was beautiful.  We experienced all kinds of weather in one day, didn’t we, daddy?

IMG_0298 (800x600)


When we arrived the cottage Silky and I had a lovely warm puddling in this flowery bathroom.

DSCF7798 (533x800)


We still have two days to talk about.

Love Coco

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  1. Donna Woods says:

    How beautiful. England is such a lovely country. I haven’t visited there in a while and miss it. You girls sure love to travel!

  2. ManSteflat says:

    港町って、カラフルできれいなおうちがたくさん並んでて、見てるだけで楽しくなりますよね。そうそう、お天気もあっという間に変わっちゃう。ダディのカメラ魂、すごい!それにしても、すごい強風!Coco ちゃんとシルキーちゃんのコートが飛びそう!?

    • cocosheltie says:


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