Our holiday in Dorset – West Bay, Durdle door and Corfe castle

Now, we are talking about the last part of our Dorset holiday.

On the fifth day, we went to West Bay to experience “Broadchurch”.

IMG_0300 (800x600)


We got out of the car and wandered around the harbour and then we finally saw this!!

DSCF8174 (800x533)

じゃーん! テレビで見るのとおんなじ~。

It was the same as the one we’d watched on the telly.  Of course, we had to pose for daddy.

IMG_0308 (800x600)

Then, we decided to walk up to the top.  It was quite steep, you see.  Daddy and Silky went up easily but mummy is scared of heights so I had to look after her not to fall.

DSCF8190 (800x533)


Here we are!! We are on top of the world!!

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We saw the house where Alex lives.   In the drama the house is located somewhere very quiet but in the real life it was by some busy road.

On the last day, we said bye-bye to our lovely cottage and headed to Durdle Door which is a natural limestone arch on the Jurassic Coast.

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The view from there was breathtakingly wonderful.  You just have to see them for yourself but not everyone can go there so we will show daddy’s photos.

DSCF8350 (800x533)


DSCF8357 (800x533)

DSCF8315 (800x533)

IMG_0337 (800x600)

DSCF8376 (800x533)

DSCF8367 (800x533)

DSCF8356 (800x533)

The last place to visit was Corfe castle.
Daddy parked his BMW in a parking space where you can park only two hours.
Can we come back in 2 hours, daddy?

DSCF8454 (800x533)


We had a lunch-lunch at a cafe and then visited this pretty model village.
We visited the real size of this little church later,

DSCF8392 (800x533)


and this is the miniature Corfe castle.

DSCF8388 (800x533)


IMG_0339 (800x600)

Mummy enjoyed torturing me, and then

DSCF8395 (800x533)


we walked towards the real Corfe castle to feel its history.
Yes, we are feeling it!!  We are the kings of the castle!

IMG_0347 (800x641)


The castle was built in 11th century.  The scale and the strength of the castle….woof….it was amazing.

DSCF8410 (533x800)

DSCF8423 (533x800)

Silly daddy told mummy to support the wall to protect from further damage.

DSCF8421 (800x533)


From the castle you can see the whole village.

DSCF8436 (800x533)

お城は小さな町を見下ろしていたのですね。詳しい歴史を読むと面白いです。興味ある方は文中のCorfe Casleをクリックしてみてください。

We fully enjoyed the castle and then came back to daddy’s car.
Oops….daddy got a parking ticket.  Dammit!!

IMG_0359 (600x800)


Still, Dorset was fun.  We love Dorset.
We will go to Dorset again, won’t we, daddy?  Please, daddy.

Coco and Silky


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