Gardening update

It’s been while since we wrote about our garden project.
Lots of things have been happening and changing, and we are all getting excited, aren’t we, daddy?

Let us show you what we’ve got.
First of all, this is our herb collection; sage, chive, oregano, thyme, parsley, basil, coriander, bay leaf and Japanese shiso.

P1050086 (600x800)


Next is our pea collection.  Two big ones came from the garden centre when they were tiny and one little one is grown from seed.

P1050088 (600x800)


Two big planters on the chairs are green beans which Nana sowed while she was here,

P1050095 (800x600)


and these are our very proud potatoes and strawberries.

P1050089 (800x600)


Look!  Mummy and daddy peeped and found a little potato is nearly ready!

P1050091 (800x600)


There are lots of strawberry babies, too.

P1050090 (800x600)


We also have tomatoes, spring onions, garlic, spinach and sweet peppers.
The black pot next to mummy’s very favourite calla lilies is Tesco’s finest potato.  Nana planted a couple of Tesco’s finest in the pot and they started growing.

P1050101 (800x600)


We’ve been looking after other things, too.  For example, this is our wild life area.  We have a couple of birdie feeder.  They are for pretty birdies but big pigeons and even squirrels come to scrounge around because little birdies drop food on the ground.

P1050096 (800x600)


Finding squirrels and pigeons eating birdie food on the ground is very annoying but we saw a very fascinating scene the other day.

P1050074 (800x600)


The mummy sparrow was feeding her baby sparrow.

In April, mummy replanted this plant which had been in a pot for 8 years.  We were hoping the plant would like being in the ground and yes!  It likes it!  It has very clourful and beautiful leaves now.  The corner was a bit messy but not anymore.

P1050099 (600x800)


We have two pretty hanging baskets,

P1050102 (800x600)


and they are our shade-loving plants as well as the ones which are waiting for their debut.

P1050106 (800x600)


We will harvest our potatoes early next months.  Wooof….they will be very tasty, won’t they, daddy?  Boiling them and put some butter on….
Of course, we can have some, can’t we, daddy?

Love Coco and Silky

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