Cough repellent

A couple of months ago when mummy was coughing very badly she tried all sorts of things, such as gargle, honey & lemon, hot water, steam, wearing masks, cough syrup, and so on, but nothing worked at all.  However, this candy was very good.  It was so good that mummy took a lot, like almost one bar a day, even when she was sleeping.  It was too much but mummy didn’t listen to us.

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She had been coughing almost all night for more than a week.  Mummy was exhausted physically and mentally, so Silky and I had to find something to stop or at least, something which could ease her cough, and we found a couple of cough repellents.

The first thing we found was this information.
“When it comes to nighttime cough, gravity is your enemy. All the postnasal drainage and mucus you swallow during the day backs up and irritates your throat when you lay down at night. Try to defy gravity by propping yourself up on some pillows while you sleep.”

Mummy put a cushion under her pillow every night.  After a while she missed to sleep normally but as soon as she did it she coughed.  Mummy must have swallowed lots of dirty things during the day, daddy.

The second thing we found was about Vicks VapoRub, that sticky thing with lovely smell.
Internet says that rubbing it on your paw-paws helps to stop coughing .  Mummy asked daddy to get one on the way home and he did.

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日本に帰る予定になってたのでそれまでの辛抱。とにかく少しでもマシになる方法はないものか?と調べてみるとありました。まずは寝る姿勢。頭を少し上げ気味、半坐位とまではいかなくても、クッション枕の下に置いて高くして寝ると、昼間に吸った色々な汚いものが上がってこないとのこと。試してみたら本当でした。とても楽チン。うーん、そんなに日中に汚いものを飲み込んでるんだろうか? 次に見つけたのはビックスベポラップを足裏に。うそやーと思って試してみたらすごい!マジで効きました。足裏に付けて横になった途端に何か喉の辺りに変化を感じました。そして数日ぶりに数時間寝ることが出来たんです!

At night, gathering around our bed we were all skeptical.
Vicks on your paw-paws?  It cannot be true, can’t it?
But she’s got Vicks so why not to try?
Mummy put them on the soles of her paw-paws and Voila!!
Soon she felt something different in her throat or chest or somewhere and fell asleep and could sleep for a few hours.
She applied more in the middle of the night and then she slept until morning.

The last thing we found was thyme tea power.  We are growing lovely lemon thyme in the garden so I picked some and made thyme tea for her.  You can use plain thyme or dried thyme but lemon thyme has hint of lemon flavor so it is a little bit refreshing.  Also, you can add honey to make it yummier, but I don’t like the taste of it, anyway.

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How to make is easy.   Just a few twigs of thyme in a pot, pour boiling water, wait a few minutes and drink it.

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Mummy drunk a cup of thyme tea before bed and also put some Vicks Vaporub on her paw-paws, then woofy voila!!  She slept until next morning.  It was amazing!  Daddy, Silky and I all had a quiet and peaceful night!!!

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By the way, when mummy had her blood test done the result was better than usual.  These past few times her blood sugar level was a little bit high side but this time it was brilliant.
Was it because she had been taking a few cups of thyme tea every day?
Herbs have some great power, don’t they, daddy?

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Hmmm…maybe I could have lavender tea before walkies?  Then, I might not feel like head-butting that much.

Love Coco

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