Garden Veggies Update

Our garden veggies are doing well.
Before we started “Coco & Silky veggie farm” we didn’t know how they grow.  Knowing about it is very intriguing, isn’t it, daddy?

Did you know that potato flowers are this beautiful?

IMG_0895 (553x800)


Then, a couple of weeks after seeing this beauty we harvested these lovely looking Charlotte potatoes.

IMG_1298 (600x800)


Can you guess how many French beans we’ve got?
We sowed only a few seeds and yet the number of the French beans we’ve harvested so far is a lot.
In the middle of this month, we got these.

IMG_1199 (800x600)


Then, a couple of days ago, we got more.

IMG_1297 (600x800)


Then then, this morning, we got more and there are still more to come.
By the way, last year’s crop had some dark marks but this year’s are all really perfectly beautiful.
Why did they get those marks last year?

IMG_1296 (800x598)


Our sweet pepper babies started revealing their appearance.  At first it was like a little green bum in a white frilly skirt,

IMG_1033 (800x600)


but now you can see it will be a proper green sweet pepper.

The one thing we are wondering is that we bought mixed colour sweet peppers but they are all green at the moment.  Will they change their colour?

IMG_1293 (800x600)


Our tomato babies are growing day by day, too.  I think these two have a little hint of red or not?

IMG_1295 (600x800)


Our Green pea plants didn’t produce many, however, this one which we’ve grown from one tiny seed is doing well.  It’s only one plant and small but there are more flowers to come.

IMG_1289 (600x800)


We harvested all our spinach so we sowed more seeds and they’ve started growing.
Everyone is happy and doing well, however…..

Our spring onions which had been almost dead recovered after having Japanese nana’s care. They are looking good but are covered with slug shine.
Hmmm…I wonder if mummy and daddy want to eat them?

Our garlic didn’t do well. We planted two garlic plants but one of them disappeared and the other is this.  It’s really tiny.  I wonder if it is edible?

IMG_1287 (600x800)


We planted sweet potatoes a few weeks ago.  They will be all ours, won’t they, Coco?
There are some spaces in the veggie planter so we will get something else to grow this weekend, won’t we, daddy?

Silky the chairman of “Coco & Silky farm”


Phew….it’s still hot today.  I finished blogging so I am going to have my lovely beauty nap-nap.

OH MY WOOF!!  We are about to forget something important.

It’s mummy and daddy’s wedding anniversary today.
Happy anniversary, mummy and daddy.

Oh dear….we have to cook something special.   What can we do?
Hold on???
They went out to have feast yesterday without us so it has to be something healthy and small, otherwise daddy will be Humpty Dumpty, won’t he?
Green salad, it is, then!

IMG_1303 (600x800)


Love Coco and Silky with mummy and daddy’s favourite calla lily.

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  1. Leslie Millenson says:

    Happy anniversary to your Mummy and Daddy. They must be very proud of their little girl farmers!

    • cocosheltie says:

      Thank you Leslie,
      We are sure Hermione and Carson would be very good farmers, too. Please say hello to them for us. Love Coco and Silky

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