My poor little paw-paw

I am a poor little imprisoned princess being forced to wear a stripy sock.

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シマシマ靴下をはかされて、牢獄に閉じ込められたお姫様? Cocoの左足の指のところ、以前、ただれたみたいになって獣医さんに行ったのですが、似たような状態に。以前のブログを見ると、どうやら消毒薬、抗生物質、痛み止めをもらった様子。現在、Cocoは別のことで抗生剤服用中だし消毒薬もまだあるので、これで手当てしながら様子を見ることに。

A couple of days ago, I was limping a little but soon I was walking and running around normally.

mummy found a bit of pinky colour between my little fingers.
I’ve had this before so I looked back my blogging to remind me what it was like.
Let me see…..Oh yes!!
I licked too much and it got worse and I had to go to the vet.  The vet gave me antiseptic, antibiotics and…….

IMG_1488 (800x705)


For some reason, I’m on antibiotics at the moment ( I will write about it another time) and it looked much better yesterday evening.
It will get better soon, won’t it, daddy?

Mummy found a little dot of blood this morning and my little sore looked a little bit worse.  Mummy accused me that I must have licked it a lot during the night.   Why didn’t she stop me, then?  I share a pillow with mummy so she should have noticed, shouldn’t she?

Anyway, mummy wiped it with the pink antiseptic thing and put the stripy sock on my little pawpaw.
I didn’t know that she still had that stripy sock.

I was only allowed to be in the garden.  I played with Silky but it was boring because mummy stopped me every time we got excited too much.

IMG_1469 (800x600)


In the afternoon, mummy checked my little pawpaw again and it looked dry and better so she took me out only around the block after Silky came back from her lovely walkies in the park.  I put this serious looking white bandage on and I was ready to go.

IMG_1483 (600x800)


However, the pavement isn’t smooth, is it?
Something very tiny caught the bandage and it fell off.  It was only a short walk so I walked without the bandage.  Mummy gave us lunch-lunch and then she wiped my little sore with the pink antiseptic thing and put the stripy sock on my little pawpaw.

Now, I’m imprisoned poor little princess again.
But don’t worry.
Daddy will be home soon to rescue me.

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Let me out…..
Love Coco

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  1. Kayoko says:

    わああああー すっごい! アジリティの世界って凄いことになってますねー もうシロウトには付いていけない感じ・・・ そういえばこのブログも年々プロっぽくなってる気がする! わたしもブログがやりたああい!!何の?  (大阪府 かよこ 18歳)

    • cocosheltie says:

      大阪府 かよこ 18才様


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