Chertsey show 2016

We went to our summer tradition “Chertsey show” on Saturday.  We’ve been to the show every year since 2013, haven’t we, daddy?
Some people might remember that I won the prettiest bitch at the show in 2009, when I was a little chubby young girl.  If you are interested in my debut video click here, please.

Anyway, we got up nice and early and we were all ready for the day.  It was lovely sunny day so mummy and daddy made this little cozy den for Silky and me.  Sometimes it was hot outside but our little den was dim and cool.

DSCF9441 (800x533)


There were a lot of different competitions.

DSCF9401 (800x533)


The ring next to agility was for dog show.

DSCF9445 (800x533)


Big horses,

DSCF9349 (800x533)


Little calves,

DSCF9370 (800x533)


Cool classic cars and motorbikes,

DSCF9352 (800x533)


DSCF9363 (800x533)

DSCF9355 (533x800)

Photos, paintings, etc,

DSCF9407 (800x533)


Flowers, cakes, fruit and vegetables,

DSCF9392 (533x800)


DSCF9409 (533x800)


DSCF9413 (533x800)


even bird scarer.  He looks woofly spooky.

DSCF9339 (533x800)


The main event for us was, of course, agility show.
Grass was nicely cut and everything was perfectly organized.

DSCF9431 (800x533)


DSCF9424 (800x533)

Two big tents at agility venue are uncle Kevin’s.  He said I could borrow them so why don’t I throw my 10th birthday party next year, daddy?

DSCF9423 (800x533)


Now, our agility runs were ……….fun.
The first one was jumping.  Mummy hadn’t done any agility training since April or May because of her rib problem but she happily ran with Silky.

As for me, I started fast and then somehow I slowed down.  Daddy clapped his hands many times to encourage me but I couldn’t run fast.  I wonder why?  Mummy and daddy thought that I needed some change.

I ran Steeplechase with mummy,

P1050119 (800x450)


and woofy!  We got a clear round.  My time was 27 seconds and something.  It wasn’t fast enough but Silky’s was……well, it’s a secret because Silky doesn’t know and I don’t want her to find out.


スモールとミディが一緒の枠だったのでとてもじゃないけど入賞無理。タイムは27秒台でした。でも私はずーっと休んでたし、悪くないかなと。それにシルキーなんて倍近く掛かってたし (^^;)

After I ran with mummy I fell asleep.  I didn’t know that mummy and daddy were peeping.  I was really asleep.  I was charging for my last run “Agility with daddy” to win.

P1050116 (800x600)


I ran Steeplechase with mummy so Silky ran with daddy.
Daddy used to be shy in the ring so when “Nervous Silky” didn’t run properly daddy became “Disappointed daddy”and then “Nervous Silky” got even more nervous and their agility relationship fell apart.
However, in these couple of years, daddy got over his shy feeling and Silky, at least, doesn’t run away from the ring anymore.  Also, while mummy couldn’t run, daddy and Silky grew their agility bond woofly a lot.  Now, she is much happier when she runs with daddy.

P1050121 (800x450)


We looked back our past videos of Chertsey show and found out that Silky hadn’t change a lot.  Why?
We only got one clear round rosette this year.  If Silky can run happily she can win, can’t she, daddy?  You can watch those videos 2013 and 2014 if you have a moment.  We don’t have any video in 2015 because I got a bit of accident and didn’t run.

Today, in the park, we met our old agility mate.  His mummy said that Silky should be better because she was one of her breeder mummy’s.
Hmmm….she is 5  years old.  How can she change?
When I started proper agility at Rosie’s I was 5 years old, so mummy and I believe that Silky can still change.  Let’s get winner’s rosettes at Chertsey show 2017, daddy!

Here is the video of our run at the show.


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  1. I wish I lived near you girls so I could attend your shows. It looks like you had a very busy day and got a good night’s sleep that night!

    • cocosheltie says:

      Hello Donna and Shelly,
      It would be very nice if we live near. We could be good friends with Shelly.

      We didn’t bake a cake because daddy had a feast yesterday. Instead, we baked his favourite pizza! Love Coco and Silky

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