New agility teams

  We had a very important family meeting and decided to swap our agility team.  From now on, we are team “Mummy & Coco” and team “Daddy & Silky” as we originally started.

Daddy wanted to make a team with me because I showed my talent from start, I was always on fire and I was a cracking little Sheltie.  We have been doing really well as a team and have got lots of ribbons and a couple of trophies, and we have been training with advanced people.

P1050169 (800x600)


So, now it’s Silky’s turn.  It’s my job to guide Silky to be an agility star as her big sister.
Silky is 5 years old and a bit, which is when I started agility after begging Rosie to put me in her class.
Nervous Silky had tried to run away from the ring many times but mummy didn’t let her.  She chased to get her, jumped with her, cheered her, and finally Silky stopped running away.  Slowly, Silky became very clever and good girly and yet she never ran as fast as when she chases squirrels.

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This past couple of months, Silky didn’t do agility much because of mummy’s ribs, summer holidays and so on.  A bit of rest did her good?  Maybe?
Now, Silky loves running with daddy and she was woofly fast at the latest training with Rosie.  She is very happy with running agility now.
If she runs like that at the shows she would be able to get loooots of ribbons, wouldn’t she, daddy?  It it becomes true, it was what mummy and I were planing and hoping when we swapped our teams a couple of years ago.

Only problem which we don’t know how to get over is that shy Silky doesn’t like judges standing in the middle.

P1050166 (600x800)


I will get woofly lots of ribbons.

Well, Silky….Those ribbons are a bit different.

Anyway, as for me…..

IMG_1870 (600x800)


Lots of ribbons or no ribbon.  It depends on how mummy can do.  We will see.

By the way, we went to Egham Royal Show the other day and took part in the agility display.
It’s nothing special but we made a video for our precious memento.  You can watch happy Silky and cracking me.

After I finished running someone came to us and asked our name, saying
“I’m from a paper and I took a photo of you and your little fella running.”
Of course, mummy happily told our names and collected him I was not “a fella”.

Does anyone happen to know which paper this reporter could be from?


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