Scrambles Agility show

We went to the first Scrambles fun/ training show 2016-2017 on Sunday.
Before the show, team “Daddy & Silky” was jolly and chirpy but team “Mummy & Coco” was a little bit nervous because whether I can get lots of ribbons or not is up to mummy.
But look!!  Both teams did very well!!

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We made the videos for our mementos as usual.  Please watch them if you have a moment.

The first run was “Agility 1”.
Silky ran steadily and perfectly through the course.  She even wowed people flying over the A-frame and got the 3rd place.
As for me, I tend to feel funny at the first run, and yet I was eager to start.  However, I couldn’t start when I wanted to and it made me feel funny.  Then, I saw daddy with the camera.  Of course, I thought I had to pose.  Still, I got the 3rd place.

The second run was “Jumping”.
Daddy’s handling was good.  He was leading Silky nicely, however, Silky missed the first weave pole!  At the moment, keeping Silky happy is important so daddy carried on and Silky jollily finished her run.
I was good, however, I missed the last weave pole.  Mummy stopped me and told me to finish the weaves properly.  Because of this we got 5 points but we won!!

Next was “Agility 2”.
There were everything Silky likes; A-frame, see-saw, dog-walk and tunnel.  She was woofly happy from start and you can see it in the video.  However! Again!  She missed weaves and daddy didn’t want to stop happy Silky so they were eliminated.
As for me, I missed weaves as well!  Also, I didn’t see daddy in the middle of the course where I had seen him earlier.  Of course, I wondered why?  Mummy told me to hurry up and we got 2nd place.

The last run was “Steeplechase”.
Daddy’s handling was steady and immaculate.  Silky ran happily and they got 2nd place, however, daddy was told off because he started before the cue “When you are ready”.  If you watch the video you can see it was Silky who started.  We try not to stop Silky when she is happily running so well…daddy had to stat.

I was going to be good at Steeplechase and mummy was running ahead of me.  Then, I suddenly felt very attractive scent in the ground.  I had to stop.
I started running again but then I sensed lovely judge man’s aroma.  I was lured towards him but mummy’s voice made me realize that I had to run.  Dear, dear…..
We kept running and when we finished the judge man with the lovely aroma was clapping.  “Clear?”
He said “Yes.”  He explained how we did not do wrong.

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By the way, the Sable boy in the photo is not me.  He is a very pretty agility boy “Barney” 9 years old.  He often wins the class but between you and me, if Silky runs happily and seriously she can be much faster than him.  Go on, Silky!!

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  1. ManSteflat says:

    もう、スクランブルの競技会の時期なんですね。やっぱり、シルキーちゃんは、大復活しましたね!このまま、もっともっと、競技会でもぶっちぎり(古い?)でたくさんおリボンもらってね〜。応援してます。そうそう、エガムの時、時間がなくて言う暇がなかったんだけど、あ〜、シルキーちゃん、復活してる!って感動してたんです。それと、Coco ちゃん、ごめんね〜。わたしがテントでオヤツをあげたときに、マンディとステラの匂いがして、それで、また、あのおばちゃんがオヤツくれるかも、って、クンクンしながらマンディとステラの方へ行ってしまったのかも?日本人のにおいかもしれないけど。友人は、なんてかわいいワンちゃんたちって、感動してましたよ〜。

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