Windsor park and my yellow bandanna

We went to our favourite Windsor park on Sunday.  As usual, we had lunch-lunch and looked around the shop before the walkies.

When we were walking down the quiet path we saw a family with little children.  the children wanted to stroke me but their mummy and daddy warned them not to touch me saying, “No!!  Don’t!!  Come here!!!  It says ‘I need space’!!”
What? What? What?  I was a bit confused in the middle of the family.

Mummy immediately said “She is fine.  It is for other doggies.  She loves people but doesn’t like dogs”.
Then, the parents understood and looked relaxed.  Mummy quite often explains like this for me because I love people very much.



We kept walking and then we saw a big Beagle boy on the extension lead.  He tried to follow Silky but Silky smartly ran past him.
Then, the Beagle walked towards me so mummy pulled my lead to avoid him.  His mummy kept letting him come towards me saying “He is OK.” so mummy said “She isn’t”.
I wonder if his mummy didn’t see my big yellow bandanna?



By the way, the other day, I saw an old lady and I desperately wanted to say hello.  She noticed me and stroked me.  Then, she asked mummy
“Is she looking for a new home?”
Yes, the lady thought “I need space to stay”.

Anyway, we came to the beautiful Heather garden.  Mummy and daddy looked around somewhere lovely for us to pose.  Some place was too bright, some place was too…bushy?  Then, finally here we are!



We left Heather garden and came to Silky’s favorite Smith’s lawn to play the ball.  However!  Polo math was on.
Woof….look at this beautiful green field with lovely lines.



We walked outside of the polo field.  It was getting warm and mummy and daddy found the ice cream van.  What about us?  They never share their ice cream with us, saying “It’s not good for doggies”.   Really?

We came the other side of the lawn.  YAY!!  Silky’s ball time!!
Mummy threw the ball for Silky and daddy took photo of Silky.



Of course, I enjoyed my yellow Frisbee.



Now, it was nearly the end of our walkies.  Daddy stopped on the bridge a little to take photos of The Savill Garden.



You have to pay to get in this part of the garden and daddy is interested, however, doggies are not allowed so he doesn’t think it’s worth going.



Awww….daddy loves Silky and me very much.


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