Therapy doggie day

I went to the residential care home today.
When I got there I met a young nurse lady by the door.  She stroked me and noticed my uniform.  She said “What you are doing is very good work”.



I got inside and said hello to everyone.
One of my special clients was back from her holiday, but she was very sad.  I sat beside her and mummy listened to her.
The lady lost her life long friend.
Gradually, the lady started talking about other things, too, such as a rude doctor and a lovely young new male member of staff.
However, the lady was still sad, very very sad.  So I let her stroke me and mummy listened to her.

We met a new gentleman.
He said he’d had a Alsatian before.  Mummy asked him about the doggie, his family and so on.  At first, he was only looking at me but gradually he started touching me and stroking me awkwardly.  Gradually, he started smiling at me and said “Good girl” many times. Now, his stroking was very gentle and natural.
He said “Thank you” which was very nice.

Next to this gentleman was a lady who doesn’t like doggies.
Mummy “Hello~~~!”
The lady “Hello.”
Mummy “How are you~~~?”
The lady “I’m fine.”
Mummy “Do you want to stroke Coco?”
The lady “No, I don’t.”

They exchanged a few short words and then mummy suddenly said
“She is lovely, isn’t she?”  holding me in front of the lady.
The lady “Yes”
Mummy “Do you want to touch Coco?”
Mummy thought she might, however,
The lady “I don’t think so. I’m not into dogs”  with a hint of smile on her face.
Mummy laughed and said “I know you don’t like dogs but I thought you might change your mind today”.
The lady “No”.  with a proper smile.
The lady’s answer is always short and blunt but today she was smiling.  She never smiled before.  It was a breakthrough.

We said hello to a few more people and before we left there we went back to my special client lady.
She couldn’t stop being sad but she was a little bit brighter and said she was feeling better after talking to mummy.
We promised the lady that we would be back soon and advised her to keep eye on the new young lovely male member of staff.  Of course, she said she was going to.

On the way back we went to Pet department store.
Mummy wanted to get some tooth cleaning thing for Silky and me.  It was very boring there, but then I noticed very attractive aroma coming from that direction……..



Woof!!  Look at that!



However, mummy bought a box of tooth cleaning wipe and only one tiny packet of doggie treats.

We came home, picked Silky up and went to the vet to get our worming tablets and went to Virginia Water for walkies.



In the afternoon, Silky annoyed mummy while she was mowing the grass and then we checked if she did a good job.



I had a busy day.




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