We lost wiper.

I went to my Thursday agility class with mummy yesterday.  Silky used to go to this class but since we swapped our teams I keep company with mummy at the moment.  Also, going to the venue is good driving practice for mummy; dual carriage way, roundabouts, level crossing, speed cameras and a long narrow bendy hilly road.

Silky is very happy on our Saturday class with Rosie.  She is very happy, confident and fast.  She even barks when she sees me running with daddy.  She is enjoying!
Silky is happy so we are all happy.  She is going to be flourishing, isn’t she, daddy?



Anyway, on the way to my Thursday agility class in Windlesham it started raining so mummy started using the wipers.  We were driving along A30 and the car behind us was a beautiful black Porsche 4wD.

Suddenly, we heard loud noise!  WHAT IS THAT?


で、いつもどおり木曜日のアジの為に車でWindleshamへ。途中、雨が降り出したのでワイパーオン。その時はA30という道を走ってました。そして突然バーン!という衝撃音。何?何?何?ミラーを見ると、後ろに居たピカピカブラックの四駆のポルシェがずーっと後ろ。なぜ? そして気が付きました。私の助手席側のワイパーが吹っ飛んだ。うわー、ポルシェの人、怖かっただろうな。その後、信号で止まった時、私の横に。恥かしくてそっちの方向は見れず、青い変わった時、先にどうぞ・・・と行ってもらいました。

It was as though some hard thing hit our car.
What? What? What?
Mummy kept driving and looked at the rear mirror.   The beautiful black Porsche 4WD was far far behind.  Why?
Then, mummy realized that one of our wipers were gone.  It fell off the car.  Oh my woof!  It must have scared the driver of the beautiful black Porsche 4WD.
We stopped at the traffic light and the beautiful black Porsche 4WD came next to us.  Mummy was too embarrassed to look at the direction.  The light turned green.
“After you…..”
Mummy let the beautiful black Porsche 4DW go first.

It was shocking but we arrived safe and sound.

First half was with uncle Kevin.  The courses which uncle Kevin made were very interesting.  There were lots of traps which I would be easily trapped, and I was trapped every time.  Dammit!

Second half was with auntie Fran.  We practiced that “ketschker turn” and blind turn, and it was fun and I was marvelous.  Auntie Fran asked me which grade I was, daddy.

Now, we have a bit of problem.
I used to run with daddy.  You know, “With daddy”, so I don’t do “Go on” thing.  I don’t run ahead of mummy or daddy or even Silky.  Daddy knows that I don’t like it but uncle Kevin made me realize that I have to do it for mummy.

Also, mummy and daddy taught us “IN” and “OUT” in a little bit confusing way.
In agility, IN and OUT are directions to go for but for Silky and me IN is something like “Get in the house”



And OUT is something like “Get out of the toilet”.



We are very good at mummy and daddy version of IN and OUT, but we might have to learn agility version of IN and OUT.

By the way, don’t forget to buy new wipers on the way home, daddy.


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