Annual vaccination and dental health

I went to the vets for my annual vaccination and health check up on Sunday.
Mummy and daddy don’t know exactly if vaccination is really bad and it is very difficult so we decided to have it as usual.

Silky didn’t have to come with me but she did because we were planning to go for our whole family lovely weekend walkies afterwards.

We arrived a little bit early.  I was a bit nervous but I’m a very strong girl so I tried not to show my feeling.


Cocoの年に一度の予防接種に行きました。ワクチンに関しては賛否両論あって本当に接種することに安心してるのかと言うと不安はありますが、難しい。Cocoがパピーの頃は全種類毎年だったけど、今は全種類は3年に一度。徐々にもっと変わるのかな。 ついでにCocoのお尻のオデキもみてもらいました。中身は何やらチーズみたいな。吸い出してくれましたが、いずれまた出来るでしょうと。精密検査の必要はないとのことなので安心。

On the other hand, Silky who didn’t have to do anything on the day was so nervous that she jumped on daddy’s lap and kept whining and shaking.



We were called by our favourite vet David and entered the consultation room.
David the vet checked me thoroughly, saying I looked very smart.   Of course, I was smart because mummy groomed us the day before so I was tidy and smelt lovely.
Then, it was time for the big needle.  I had a small one this year.

Mummy held me and David the vet injected the big needle.  I was very brave and calm.  I didn’t flinch at all.  I was as steady as a rock.
David the vet said I was very brave good doggie.

Then, daddy mentioned about a tiny little bump (about 5 mm) on my little bum.  Mummy noticed it a couple of months ago and it hadn’t changed but daddy asked David the vet to have a look at it.

David the vet cuddled me away to the next room.  Woof…it was a lovely cuddle.

They stabbed a little needle and sucked inside of the little bump, and the thing inside the little bump was cheese.

Well, it wasn’t cheese but looked like a little crumbled cheese.
David the vet explained what it was(cyst) and explained it very clearly with a drawing for mummy.  Anyway, he told us to keep eye on it.  It will fill up with cheese again, then they can suck it again.  And if we want to get rid of it completely they can do it, too.

Silky was whining and shaking whole this time.

By the way, we have been having proper teeth cleaning every night now.  Mummy tried before but Silky and I didn’t like toothbrush so mummy gave up and then she had tried various things, such as rawhide, Dentastick, deer’s antlers, cow’s bone, pig’s ears, and so on.  Deer’s antlers worked very well and our teeth were getting whiter and whiter, however!I broke my back tooth.

We saw David the vet about this a couple of month ago.  He didn’t think the pulp was out but we were recommended to see The canine dentist to be sure.  We were going to see him but then we found out that just seeing him for 15 minutes cost £207.
Even he says “This is nothing so you don’t have to do anything.  Bye-bye”, mummy and daddy have to pay £207 for it.
Strange.  A bit much.

So, mummy and daddy asked me about how I felt but this broken tooth doesn’t bother me at all so we decided not to see this premium canine dentist and keep eye on the tooth.  Mummy and daddy explained about this to David the vet and he agreed, too.

Since then, we were banned from chewy or hard thing and mummy started to clean our teeth.  At first, mummy tried doggie finger toothbrush with liver taste tooth paste.  The toothpaste is yummy but I didn’t like the finger brush very much.  It was a bit bulky in my little dainty mouth.



Then, mummy tried some tooth wipey.  Mummy squeezes out the liquid from the wipey and wraps it around her finger.
This isn’t as yummy as the toothpaste but cleaning with this is so comfortable that I sometimes fall asleep.  I don’t know which one Silky likes but she doesn’t dislike this wipey, either, and after teeth cleaning we can have a tiny teeny piece of biscuit each so Silky is being a good girl while the procedure with they wipey.

Now, mummy loves checking our teeth,



but we don’t like it.





Love Coco

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  1. I will have to try the wipes on Shelly. She doesn’t like getting her teeth done.

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