2nd Scrambles Agility Show 2016-2017

We went to our favourite Scrambles agility show on Sunday and both team got lots of ribbons and a trophy each.


今シーズン2回目のスクランブルドッグスクールのアジリティ競技会に行って来ました。両チームとも頑張っておリボンいっぱ〜い。トロフィーもいただきました🏆 シルキーは一等、二等、三等そしてクリアーランのフルセット。Cocoは一等と二等を2つでした。まず、シルキーの最初のアジリティ2のビデオをご覧下さい。数年前まではピタリと止まったりリングから逃走しようとしていたのが嘘の様に楽しそうに走ってます。

Silky got a full set, just like I had done at the last show.  You can read about my full set here.
She got 1st for Jumping, 2nd for Agility 1, 3rd for Agility 2 and Clear for Steeplechase.
She was good and fast at Agility 1 and daddy thought their team might have won when they finished the course, however, Silky knocked the first jump bar off so they got 5 points, and yet, they got 2nd!  Yay!!   Silky was happy and flying around with chirpy daddy.

Please watch her video “Agility 2”.
You can not believe that Silky used to stop or run away from the ring every time.

Team “Coco and mummy” was good, too.
We got 1st for Jumping, 2nd for Steeplechase and 3rd for Agility 1 .
What happened to Agility 2?
Well, we were eliminated because I found daddy and ran towards him.  Daddy says that he was hiding but he wasn’t.



Mummy was shouting my name so I ran back to mummy and up on the dog-walk, but I felt mummy wasn’t very pleased.
Help, daddy…….


名前を叫んでやーっと戻って来たけどドッグウォークの上でピタリ。そしてダディの方向を見る😭 それで撮影中止。その後は調子が出て走って走って一等と二等2つ獲得。でも実は最後のランでインストラクターのロージーさんが記録係で座ってた。 Cocoは気づいてなかったけどランの途中でふらふら〜とそっちの方へ行きかけて立ち直った。ホッ。

Because of this incident, mummy and daddy decided not to film rest of the day.  Then, I became on fire 🔥 
When I was running Steeplechase I sensed lovely Rosie (my instructor) aroma and almost lost myself again but I’m clever, I don’t repeat the same mistake in the same day.  I chose to run over Rosie aroma and got 2nd. Yay!

Have a closer look at the lovely trophies.
Team “Daddy and Coco” has got a couple of trophies before but Team “Mummy and Silky” got only rosettes, so this trophies are the first ones for mummy and Silky.
They are gorgeous, aren’t they?


Cocoって麻薬探知犬としてトレーニングしたら良い仕事しそう。 ところで見て見てこのトロフィー🏆 私とシルキーが組んでた時にはリボンは貰ったけどトロフィーは無し。初めてのトロフィー。嬉しいなぁ。

By the way, mummy thinks I would be excellent if I’m trained as a sniffer doggie, working at Heathrow airport.  Should I think about it as my new career?


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  1. Two cute little winners – congratulations.

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