Therapy doggie magic

I went to the residential care home today.  I put my yellow uniform on and so did mummy.  Mummy put me in the car and drove to the home, we got off the car and rang the doorbell. It was going to be just an ordinary visit.

However!  We had a woofly massive happy breakthrough today!👍



Do you remember the lady who doesn’t like doggies?  You can read about it here.

Anyway, after we said hello to my regular clients mummy and I walked over to this lady.  As she doesn’t like doggies it’s always mummy who mainly says hello to the lady.  Today was the same at first.

Mummy: Hello.  How are you?
The lady : Hello.  I’m OK.
Mummy:  Good, good.  You don’t want to stroke Coco, do you?
The lady : No.  I don’t like dogs.
Mummy : I know you don’t……but I’m OK, aren’t I?
The lady : Yes, you are nice.

While they were chatting about this and that mummy kept stroking me saying I was a nice doggie.

Then, the lady said “Yes, she looks nice and gentle.”  and held her hand out towards me.  I licked her fingers.  Mummy became a little bit tense because they lady might feel scared,  but the lady was smiling and calm.  She let me lick her fingers for a while.

Mummy asked the lady if she wanted to stroke me and she said “Yes”❤️
Mummy held me near the lady and the lady started to stroke me very slowly and gently.

Mummy :  She is OK, isn’t she?
The lady : Yes.  I was always frightened of dogs but she is very nice.  I’m not frightened at all now.


最初はいつもと同じで犬が嫌いって言ってたけど、話をしているうちに何か変化があったのか、Cocoはいい子言いながら手を差し伸べ、Cocoはナメナメ。焦ったけど、女性はにこやか。そこで撫でてみる?って聞いたらイエス!そして抱っこしてみる?って聞いたらまたイエス! いつかナデナデさせてみせると一人密かに誓って早数ヶ月。私も嬉しかったけどこの女性も90代にして生まれて初めて犬を触って大感動。ずーっと怖かったけど、Cocoは怖くないって。

The lady looked very happy.
So, mummy asked her if she wanted to cuddle me and she said “Yes”❤️❤️

Oh my woof….You can not imagine how happy we all were.
The lady was very excited for holding a doggie for the first time in her life.  She is in her 90s.
Mummy was ecstatic because she had been trying for this breakthrough to happen for months.
I was happy because…..because….well, because the lady and mummy were happy.

Visiting the residential care home can be boring, difficult and even depressing sometimes, but mummy and I cannot stop visiting because we can have this very few but very precious moment.

Mummy thanked the lady saying that she made mummy very very happy today and the lady was even happier.

This is all credit to me.  It was Coco the therapy doggie magic.  I’m very proud of myself.



Love Coco

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  1. Coco, do you know that I was afraid of dogs my entire life until I met a Sheltie named Tucker who I fell in love with. So now I have my sheltie, Shelly. She is my little dream girl princess baby. Shelties are the best!!!! Good for you little one!

    • cocosheltie says:

      Hello Donna and Shelly
      The lady always said that she didn’t like dogs but I was OK. Maybe it was because I’m a little fluffy Sheltie. Love Coco

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