Mummy, daddy and granddaddy Mick’s adventure in Japan

One morning, when I woke up from my beauty sleep I saw two huge suitcases lying on the floor.  I soon realized that mummy and daddy were going to leave us again, so I got in the case.


However, mummy kept packing so I had to get out.

Silky and I are used to it.  We don’t mind too much because we can spend lovely holiday time with nanny Joan and granddaddy Mick.

It was different this time.
What was different?
Well, our granddaddy Mick joined mummy and daddy’s trip to Japan.
They flew via very cold Helsinki and arrived Kansai airport safe and sound.


Now, we are going to write about mummy and daddy’s holiday with granddaddy Mick.
First day, mummy and daddy went out together for mummy’s check-up thingy so Nana took granddaddy Mick somewhere called Asuka, Nara.

Next day, daddy took granddaddy Mick to Osaka Kita.  Daddy is very good at this area because every time he visits Japan he goes there.  Mummy is sure he knows about this area much better than mummy does.

Look at this view from daddy’s favourite “Osaka Sky Building”.


Granddaddy Mick enjoying very modern designed esculator.


Woof….They are very interesting architectural structures, aren’t they?



This is underground restaurant area which is designed like old Japanese town.


Hello, Victor!


Then, next next day, daddy took granddaddy Mick to Osaka castle.


Woof….he looks very scary and powerful.  He might not bat an eye even I gave him my super-duper scary face and head-butt.


The view with the golden grampus from the tower.


I’ll finish here for today because it’s time for my din-din time.
Silky will tell you the second part of their trip.  I wonder how many more parts we will have to write.

Love Coco


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  1. Mike Tuppen says:

    Are we coming to the bit where Daddy through Grandaddy Mick off the mountain ???

  2. ManSteflat says:

    Coco, I saw Victor at the old Japanese town long time ago! He is cute, but not as much as you and Silky.
    (My Japanese comment was not accepted by the website, so I try in English)

    • cocosheltie says:


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