Adventure in Japan part II

Nana, daddy and mummy took granddaddy Mick to Japanese beautiful ancient cities, Nara and Kyoto.

Mummy says that Nana lives in Nara so it is fairly easy to go there and Nana knows the area very well so she was the leader of the tour, although daddy wanted to be the one.

Firstly, walking though many shops, they came to the Five-storied Pagoda, Kohukuji.  This is the second highest Five-storied pagoda in Japan.


Walking past Sarusawa pond and you will see Ukimido in the middle of the pond.


The autumn leaves were very beautiful behind granddaddy Mick.


Now, it was time for their lunch-lunch.
This is granddaddy Mick enjoying the packed lunch Nanamade with his brilliant chopstick skill.


There are lots of deer in Nara park.  Do you know that they are very well behaved?


Well, you can buy special biscuits for deer and feed them, and what a surprise!
Deer in Nara bow to get the biscuits.


Also, they are very clever because those biscuits are sold on the table and they can steal them easily but they don’t.  Why?

Mummy said every deer looked like me, Silky.


After their lunch-lunch, we came to Kasuga taisha shrine.  Unfortunately the shrine was in the middle of refurbishing so  they couldn’t get inside.


The tour carried on to Nigatsudo.  The view from there is beautiful.


Finally, they came to Todaiji!!
It was exceptionally woofly busy.  Look at those people!!  Full of school trips and tourists.


And this is the great Budda.




Nana’s Nara tour ended here.

Next Nana’s tour was Kyoto.  Nana also knows the area quite well so then again she was the leader of the tour.  Daddy wanted to be the one, of course.

Daddy wanted to take granddaddy Mick to a few places in Kyoto but it is a big city so he narrowed them down to Inari shrine which is the most popular place to visit among foreigners, and Kiyomizu temple which is a world heritage site,

At first, they arrived at Inari shrine.
Woof….there were lots of tourist there, too.


There were people everywhere, and yet what daddy wanted to do was take a photo of the beautiful row of Torii gates without any people in the picture.
Of course, it was difficult so daddy got irritated, frustrated and angry, but he did it!!


Now, daddy was happy chirpy about his achievement, they moved to Kiyomizu temple. The view from the famous Kiyomizu stage is beautiful, so


of course, it was full of people.

dscf0350-800x533 It seems that the whole stage will be covered for refurbishing soon and they are going to finish it by 2020 so granddaddy Mick was very lucky to be able to see the temple.

By the way, there are lots of ladies in Kimono in Kyoto but lots of them are not Japanese but tourists from abroad who rent Kimonos.


They do their hair properly and looked very pretty.
A taxi driver told Nana and mummy that Japanese people don’t wear kimono when they come to Kyoto very much so it is very good that many tourist wear Kimono because they make Kyoto look more like Kyoto.  That is true.


After the tour they decided to have Yakiniku dinner.  Daddy always says that Japanese beef melts in your mouth. dscf0360-800x533

And of course, a glass of cold beer made granddaddy and daddy felt very refreshed after the day trip to Kyoto.


I wonder if I like Japanese beer?

By the way, between their trip to Nara and Kyoto there was some very serious indicent.  Coco will write about it soon.


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