A little bit of extra

We thought we had finished writing about the adventure in Japan but there are a little bit of extra to show.

Such as the tallest building in Japan “Abeno Harukasu”(the tallest tower is Tokyo sky tree, by the way).  The very tall building in the middle is the one.


It is 300 meter tall and the view from the observatory is amazing.  Mummy isn’t interested in those high places but she said it was worth visiting.



Some part of the floor is glass and you can stand on it if you like.


Also, Osaka Minami which used to be mummy’s playground.


Mummy was surprised because there were mostly young people and tourists at night. When mummy was one of those youngsters she didn’t realized about it.




Also, daddy took granddaddy Mick somewhere called Shinsekai.
When mummy was a young lady someone took her there and she ended up to see exotic dance and very manly people who wore lady’s clothes.  Since then, mummy hasn’t been to that area but daddy says it is quite an interesting area.



There is a famous tower “Tsutenkaku tower”.


The view from the top.


The last day, while mummy was shopping lots of sweeties for us daddy took granddaddy to a little theme park on the top of Mt. Ikoma.
It’s very quiet and small theme park but it is very good if you visit at night in summer because all you can see is beautiful night view of Osaka city.  Especially, if you are on some ride it is woofly scary but exciting.


To go to the top of the mountain, you can take this pretty rope-way.



When mummy and daddy went there last year, they walked down the mountain but mummy strictly told daddy to do “Rope-way up and Rope-way down” after the incident the other day.

This Torii gate is “Hiraoka shrine” which is just in front of the flat where mummy used to live before she came to England.
This shrine is very special to mummy so daddy popped by to say hello for mummy.


Well, that is it.
We wrote all about their adventure in Japan so we will write about us next time.


Love Coco and Silky

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