Last agility lesson in 2016

Hello, I’m Silky.
Mummy took me to Coco and mummy’s last agility class in 2016.

When we got there we saw lovely proper courses.
Yes, we enjoyed fun competition, agility and steeplechase.  Auntie Fran let me run as well and that made Coco very angry.  Although there was a Bichon Frise boy who is grade 6, Coco was a little pocket rocket on fire 🔥 and won.  Yay!
I was good, too, by the way.



Everyone enjoyed and we got pretty rosette each and also a toy for our prize.  The toy mummy chose for us is a tuggy rope which can be quite fashionable as a scarf.



We basically don’t fancy tuggy rope very much but we like this one.  Normally they can be quite heavy and hard but this one is soft and light, just the way we like.



It was auntie Fran’s last lesson.  She is going to enjoy her retirement.  It is really shame because mummy likes Fran’s lesson.  However, Coco and mummy are going to have a very woofly good lady as a new trainer.  It is exciting, isn’t it?  Also, auntie Fran said she would train occasionally.  Lovely!  All will be woofly well.

After the class, what a surprise!  Coco and Toffee sniffed each other, saying
“Have a lovely Christmas, Coco”
“And you, too, Toffee.”
Can you believe it?  It wasn’t just a bit of sniffing.  It was proper 3 seconds sniffing and yet Coco didn’t made her scary face at all.  Uncle Kevin’s Shelties are our friends and also Coco loves uncle Kevin, but still that proper 3 seconds sniffing made mummy very happy and warm.

This is us, having sweeties from uncle Kevin.  Coco wanted everything by herself.


レッスンの後にはなんとCocoとケビンさんの三男のトフィー君がクンクン。それも一瞬じゃなくて3秒ぐらいの長いクンクン。でもCocoは頭突きをしなかった。嬉しい💛 ケビンさんのオヤツにヒトリ食らいつくCoco。


Mummy called us to take photo, but Coco only wanted to get uncle Kevin’s yummy container.



Like I mentioned, it was auntie Fran’s last lesson and also the last lesson at the stable.  They are going to move to a new place.  Going to the stable is very good for us because we can go to our favourite Virginia Water on the way home.  So we were hoping that they could find the new venue somewhere around there and they did!

So, from new year they will go to the new venue and we can carry on our Virginia Water walkies after the class.  Lovely!



Just, Only wee problem at the moment is mummy doesn’t know how to get the new venue yet.  Mummy has to study on Google map and also drive there a couple of times before the first class, you see?  Preparation is woofly important.

Love Silky

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3 Responses to Last agility lesson in 2016

  1. Rosie says:

    Congratulations that all sounds wonderful 🙂 Who is the new instructor ??
    Have a lovely Xmas xxx

    • cocosheltie says:

      Hello Rosie,
      I heard the new instructor will be Pia, German lady.
      They said she is a very good instructor/handler and nice lady😊
      Have a lovely Christmas 🎄 See you next year.

      Love Coco and Silky

  2. Rosie says:

    I know Pia really well, you are very very lucky to have her train you 🙂

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