The residential care home will be gone.

Christmas is coming soon so I went to the residential care home to please the ladies and gentlemen.
When I arrived there I changed into my very best Christmas costume in the car, and now I was a Santa Cocosheltie.



I’m ready.  Let’s get inside, shall we?

It was quiet as usual but as soon as they saw me they became very happy.  Everyone loved my special costume, daddy.

Then, one of my clients said that they were going to have their hair done this afternoon because they would have their Christmas party tomorrow.
How lovely!



Then, my oldest client lady said that the home was going to be closing down.


The other day, mummy saw the property was for sale on the Internet, didn’t she, daddy?
It is true, then.
What is going to happen to the ladies and gentlemen?
Someone might buy the business?
Then, everyone would be able to stay there?
But it said “Former care home” on the Internet.

I had a lot of questions about it.
One of the carer  ladies said  that they were trying to find new places for all the residents and the home would be closed by February.
It must be terrifying for some people who are confused because the care home is their home.  They might not understand what is happening.

My oldest client was happy because she thinks she would move back to the town where she used live.
Another client lady was the same.
Everyone wants to move back where they were happy with their family and friends.
I really hope they could move somewhere they want, daddy.

It is quite a shock to mummy and me because we didn’t think we had to say good-bye to them like this.
It is really shame because this lady finally became to like doggies (even it’s only me), and yet I have to say good-bye to her.  I hope she would see another Therapy doggie at her new home.



Mummy and I were a little bit sad having found out that the home is really going to close down.
Maybe I will find somewhere new to visit or I might have a break from being a Therapy doggie.  I don’t know, yet.  Mummy will ask the coordinator lady to give us a waiting list and then we will see.

Yes, we were a little bit sad.

Then, we got a post from Japan.  Mummy opened it and it was a very pretty Christmas card from mummy’s friend’s pretty daughter, Chikako.  Mummy, daddy and granddaddy Mick met Chikako, her mummy and her mummy’s auntie when they visited Japan and they had a really woofly lovely memorable time.

Look at this drawing which came with the card.
They are mummy, daddy, Chikako and granddaddy Mick.  What a lovely drawing!


そんな朝を過ごして沈んだ気持ちでいると、郵便が。あ、日本からだ!あ、ちかちゃんからだ! 開けると可愛いクリスマスカードとこの絵。これは左から私、ダディ、ちかちゃん、ダディのお父さん。日本に行った時に一緒にお鮨屋さんで楽しいひと時を過ごしたのです。ちかちゃん、ありがとう。いつかイギリスに来たらCocoとシルキーがMick爺ちゃんの所に連れて行ってあげるからねー。

This drawing lightened up mummy and me.
Thank you, Chika-chan.  Mummy and daddy are looking forward to seeing you again, and if you come to England one day, we will take you to see granddaddy Mick.

Love Coco and Silky



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  1. How sad for all the people in that home. It breaks my heart, girls. I hope they will all find happy places to go. Merry Christmas!

    • cocosheltie says:

      Hello Donna and Shelly,
      It is very sad and mummy didn’t know what to say when some of the ladies said about it. Love Coco

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